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  1. Forgive the inconveniences, but some time ago that I try to change the back sprite of the trainer hero in pokemon white 2 using tinke, and the truth is that on having guarded the Rom and the sprite to prove it in desmume returns to the original one, I need help. --Thank you in his time.
  2. Excuse since can I visualize the files of sprites in Tinke It happens that it does not leave me to visualize the files. It helps please Urgently -- Thank you of before hand
  3. Someone there can change like Vs's sprite trainer and that of Vs Champion Iris in Pokemon black and white 2 --Thank you of before hand...
  4. Sorry, think you can add a few sprites over that fence Cynthia each use the [HM Fly] and use that to return to the original sprite, and shield sprites for battles against rival and another full body shield for battle against champion Iris?, please ... I appreciate it very much. My sincere gratitude.
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