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BW B2W2 Event - Pokémon Center Genesect

King Impoleon

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A new Genesect Event has been announced throught CoroCoro for Japan. Distribution will be for 1/11 ~ 2/10/2013 in various Pokémon Center Stores.

It is unknown whether it is distributed as Shiny!


Level: 50

OT: P2ラボ

ID: 01113

Ability: Download

Nature: ???


Techno Blast

Magnet Bomb


Signal Beam

Item: ???

PokéBall: Cherish

Ribbon: Classic

Location: ???

Date: 1/11/ ~ 02/10/2013

Game Distribution: Black, White, Black 2, White 2

Distribution Type: ???

Sources: Official Pokémon Site

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Most people call the upcoming movie based on the move ExtremeSpeed, which is a lame localization name. And it's not the same in the title as the move is in the games for the text.

The correct name for the movie so far is (Godspeed no Genosect) "Godspeed Genosect". I don't care what anyone else calls it or thinks.

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