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Granted, the Gyarados see's it's tail thinking it's a fish and eats it. It starts losing a lot of blood from the open wound where it just dies in about 5 minutes and you can't retrieve your Gyarados till a week when it's entire body is decomposed.

I wish I had that Gyarados...

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Granted, However unseen forces cause them to repel one another absolutely, Rendering them unable to make physical contact.

I wish for something vague to randomly occur.

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Granted, but then abraham Lincoln came out from the penny and pulled an AK-47 from his hat and shot u with a rat-atat-tat


I wish i saw a double rainbow

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Forgot the spoiler
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TO aqua guy: THat was the answer to someone elses wish. My wish was :I wish that it wasnt soo friggin hot. but annyways...

Granted. nothing moved making no point in time. then the fabric space and time broke and created a black hole sucking every thing in leading to no life for anyone!

I wish it wasnt raining soo hard

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