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Pokesav for MAC OS X?


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I don't know if there's one yet, but I remember seeing something about making an online version of Pokesav... not sure where, but somewhere on PP.

I use Mac OS X myself, and I use Pokesav through an application called CrossOver.

The only problem is that it can't display Jap. characters, but it's pretty nice.

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Will Yahoo Widgets run a widget that was created to work for Mac OS X 10.4 on windows? I was under the impression that Yahoo Widgets would run widgets created for the Mac platform on windows since it is a cross platform system. Is this correct? I have a widget downloaded that was supposed to be for OS X 10.4 but I want to run it on my windows system through Yahoo Widgets, any suggestions, is this possible? (p.s. it is a WDGT file)


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