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[Release] All Pokemon in Storage Download [17 Box's]


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Hello, i have made a file (Using pokesav) With every single pokemon from,

Hoenn, Johto, Kanto and Sinnoh. You will have to load the boxes from the .rar file. There are 17 Boxes and the pokemon are in order.

Link Removed. You can upload whatever you like on the PP Forums itself.

Enjoy ;) Please comment.

Email: SirDanielot@live.com.au

Please tell me if there are any errors or the megaupload file isnt working.

-90% Are legit with normal IVs and stats etc.

-Male and Female are spread out.

-Natures and Abilities are legit.

-None are holding items

-Most levels are when they evolve. Eg. You'll see a level 5 Turtwig, level 18 Grotle, level 38 Torterra.

-Included Pokemon:

All 493 Pokemon are included. Too long to put a list.

Thank you to HottSushiz for the suggestion.

Also Deities. I can make them all level 1 and reupload if you want.

Damio, your upload is good. But lots of people like their storage in order. My upload have the pokemon in order not by alphabet.

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This is just a suggestion, but shouldn't you mention if the Pokemon that have been included are "legal looking" or to be more specific, what levels, gender, nature, moveset, item, if EVs, or IVs are included. even list the Pokemon that will be in the file. :biggrin:

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