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Pokesav for HG & SS??

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I was wondering if the sites going to make a Japanese/English Pokesav program for Heart Gold and Soul Silver like they did for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

Plus also update the D/P/P pokesav's so they no longer say 'Johto [Gold], Johto [silver]' in the hometown sections.

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I dont think that update will come unless someone gets a ROM of the Jap HGSS so they can find out all the locations code.

As for changing Johto [Gold[ and such again it wont change until we know the code for HG and SS so when we use it the games identify the version correctly and wont be flagged as a hack.

A Pokesav for HGSS is bound to come shortly after the Jap release since then we can get our hands on the ROMs and code accordingly. Until then there isnt a real use since nobody has the games yet.

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My estimate would be a beta sometime between the Japanese and English release of the games, and a somewhat-final version after the US release.

It might be quicker than people think, if the structure is as similar as we believe it will be.

And like Pory and damio said, A) we did not create Pokesav to begin with, and B) Pokesav is going to be obsoleted anyhow.

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