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Take 2: Community Discussion: In-Game Teams

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Yes madamoiselle/monsieur/extraterrestrial, Cassandra is named after that very same tragic figure you mentioned.

My HGSS team so far (I have to get back to this game):


Pertelote the Pidgeot (F) Lv. 88

Ability: Keen Eyes

- Roost

- Air Slash

- Return

- Featherdance


Regina the Nidoqueen (F) Lv. 84

Ability: Poison Point

- Flamethrower

- Thunderbolt

- Surf

- Earth Power


Atalanta the Heracross (F) Lv. 85

Ability: Guts

- Close Combat

- Stone Edge

- Earthquake

- Megahorn


Vixie the Ninetales (F) Lv. 86

Ability: Flash Fire

- Flamethrower

- Extrasensory

- Nasty Plot

- Confuse Ray


Nessie the Lapras (F) Lv. 82

Ability: Water Absorb

- Perish Song

- Ice Beam

- Thunderbolt

- Surf


Leafie the Meganium (F) Lv. 88

Ability: Overgrow

- Energy Ball

- Synthesis

- Earthquake

- Aromatherapy

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I got a new team at my HeartGold game which is more capable of 'in-game playing' than the last one I posted in this thread (before Wraith's post)! I traded a Tropius to my game because I really miss the nice Hoenn Pokémon, if anyone starts wondering about that. In this (incomplete) team I have incorporated the 'primary' HMs Surf and Fly. My 'abandoned' Bayleef knows Cut (and Rock Smash, but that is not really necessary), which is a perfect addition to pick those Apricorns for Kurt! ;) You have to take that kind of things into account if you like those features in the game, I think. Are you ready to open the spoiler? Let's Berry Blender!

148.png Nara (Dragonair)

Female (obvious for Koreans, I suppose)

Shed Skin


- Thunder Wave

- Dragon Rage

- Thunderbolt

- Ice beam

162.png Alcina (Furret)

Female (obvious for Spanish people. ^^)

Keen Eye


- Substitute

- Focus Punch

- Shadow Claw

- Headbutt

164.png Athena (Noctowl)

Female (obvious for... people involved in mythology?)

Keen Eye


- Hypnosis

- Roost

- Shadow Ball

- Air Slash

195.png Miyako (Quagsire)

Female (obvious for Japanese people (quite multicultural like this!))

Water Absorb


- Earthquake

- Yawn

- Surf

- Mud Shot

357.png Angelica (Tropius)

Female (obvious for... anyone? ^^)



- Dragon Dance

- Fly

- Razor Leaf

- Stomp

153.png Exo-Chika (Bayleef)

Female (not really obvious, but are there any Aural Vampire fans here?)



- Rock Smash

- Cut

- (not relevant)

It seems as if I have a impressive weakness to Ice! But that is not really a problem, since I could stand up against Pryce --The Winter Trainer-- and I even defeated him today! I think Clair is the real problem, but Kingdra is not the most easy Pokémon to take down... in almost every case! I am pretty proud of my 'sorceress' Furret (anyone into Händel opera's?) with the sub-punch set. :) I was looking for some coverage moves when it came to mind I could buy Substitute at the Game Corner and get Focus Punch from Chuck. I had much time to be spent in the Game Corner anyway, because I had to buy both Thunderbolt and Ice beam, and off course my lovely Dratini!

Let's go back in time now... To beat Falkner, I had caught a fabulous adamant Mareep... I did not really matter it was of adamant nature, because at lv. 15 you will have a Flaaffy with 80 base stat special attack! That is enough to hurt things even though the stat is a bit lowered. She was called Morgana (the shepherdess in the same opera Alcina, because I already had my subject coming laong with me, Sentret)). After that, I used Morgana as my Rock Smasher and I caught a Wooper. Quagsire is named Miyako because I caught that Wooper at night, by the way. ^^ Finally, Tropius is called Angelica because Angelica seems to be the sister of Alcina (and she appears in another opera of Händel, named Orlando). And wait, more finally... Dragonair is called Nara because I like Jang Na Ra. :) I think that are the connections by name!

Anyway, I am searching for my last party member! Sudowoodo was not really a good option and after I trained my Magmar a bit, I thought it was not really at its place in my team. Fire is a good type to have (along with electric and water), but I missed Rock/Steel attacks, too... Although it is more fun to have not a perfect coverage, but one with (a lot of) dangers. ;)

Okay, that was it then. (much longer than Brent usually talks, but never mind!)

By the way, does anyone here have some unusual (or other) ways to make in-game teams, rather than pick strong Pokémon or Pokémon with the best coverage moves?

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You can use [noparse][sprite]Pokedex Number Here[/sprite][/noparse] to get in the sprites. This is [noparse][sprite]Pokedex Number Here[/sprite][/noparse]...


Likewise, shiny Pokemon uses [noparse][sprite]Pokedex Number Here[/sprite][/noparse]... like this (if I put in 001):




1. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=10780&postcount=21

What about Pokemon with gender differences or Pokemon with different forms? e.g. Jellicent for gender differences and Kyurem for different forms.

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Tyrantrum @ expert belt

Nature: adament

Ability:strong jaw



- Move 1 ice fang

- Move 2 thunder fang

- Move 3 stealth rock

- Move 4 poison fang

Gerninja @ air balloon

Nature: timid

Ability: protean



- Move 1 ice bean

- Move 2 u-turn

- Move 3 hydro pump

- Move 4 dark pulse

Magnezone @

Nature: carefull



Role: sp/wall

- Move 1 zap cannon

- Move 2 thunderbolt

- Move 3 flash cannon

- Move 4 substute

Mega Venusaur

Venusaur @ Venusaurite

Nature: Brave

Ability: Chlorophyll (Thick Fat)


Role: mixed tank

- Move 1 Synthesis

- Move 2 Giga Drain

- Move 3 Sludge Bomb

- Move 4 Earthquake

Garevoir @ choice scarfcarf




Role:sp. sweeper

- Move 1 moonblast

- Move 2 thunderbolt

- Move 3 psychic

- Move 4 dazzling gleam

Draonite @ leftover

Nature: serious

Ability: multiscale


Role: phy sweeper & team captain

- Move 1 fire punch

- Move 2 dragon rush

- Move 3 iron tail

- Move 4 thunder punch

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