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Check Legality of my Regigigas

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me if the Regigigas I made using PokeGen is Legit or not. This is the output I received opening the .pkm file with the legality checker:

Pokemon Legality Checker - by: Sabresite - vB54-24

File: C:\Users\***\Desktop\PokeGen_full\PKM\Regigigas.pkm

Checksum: 0xC24B - Valid

Pokemon ID: 1063927178 - Adamant, Genderless, Ability 1, Not Shiny

Date: September 28, 2006

IVs: 31,31,31,31,24,31

Trainer ID: 65283

Secret ID: 47776

Trainer Gender: Male

Hidden Power: Electric - 59

Fateful Encounter: No

Gender Check: Valid

Effort Values: Valid

Nicknamed: No

Home Town: Sinnoh [Diamond]

Country Originated: UK/US/AU

Type: Common NDS (A-B-C-D)


Press the ENTER key to exit...

the main reason I'm asking is because there isn't any kind of 'Sync' validation.

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