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BW Event - Year of the Dragon eggs


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A blurb in the most recent Corocoro says that from January 6th (after the Shaymin distribution ends), to February 5th, you can get a different Pokemon egg each week at Pokemon Centers.

Each will be Shiny, and each is or evolves into a Dragon type.

There six different Pokemon which are distributed at random. You can get one during each of the four weeks.

(Presumably, this means that the events in the first week will all have the same WC ID, and second, and so on.... but all six pokemon will be distributed each week. Similar to the previous Mystery Egg events.)

Pokemon are:








Jan 6 - 15

Jan 16 - 22

Jan 23 - 29

Jan 30 - Feb 5



Update: Official site has now posted the same details.


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why does japan get shiny dragon eggs and not any other country, it's unfair to everyone else

considering that these have literally nothing over any that you can breed yourself, and are in fact inferior to ones you can get yourself, there really isn't anything to complain about.

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I wouldn't be nearly as upset if this were the only event that was japan exclusive. For instance cubchoo, pidove/pansage/axew, ash's scraggy, zoroark w/ snarl, shiny hydreigon and golurk, and of course the tornadus and thundurus event.

Pidove/Pansage/Axew and Zoroark w/ Snarl all had international distributions.

There is a difference between an event not happening and you missing an event.

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sorry site I checked must not have remembered to update a few of the ones that had international releases, although I really would have liked to see the shiny hydreigon and golurk, as well as the tornadus and thundurus distribution. I mean seriously I would have bought black version just so I could gotten a shiny hydreigon and then kept restarting the until I got one with amazing stats and nature like my reshiram. (btw i don't mean restart the game i mean turn it off after i get the gift until I get one that want to keep)

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