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Pokémon Multichrome

Shiny Sheimi

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So, with the discovery of how to edit the palette files of 5th generation Pokémon sprites, the production of Pokémon Multichrome has begun. The completion of this version will eventually lead on to the production of Pokémon Monochrome, which will hopefully be a full edit including new, original Fakémon, but first let's get this one finished. See attached an edit that has already been made to the Feraligatr chain, as an example of what I'm looking for.

Changes I plan to make (list subject to change):

  1. Type
  2. Palette
  3. Abilities
  4. Movepool
  5. Evolution method
  6. Egg group
  7. Wild encounter location
  8. Wild hold item
  9. New items/item locations

What I would like is help from you guys to use your creative brains on me, to give me suggestions for the following:

Type Changes

Bear in mind that I'm going to try to keep the proportions as unchanged as possible - I don't want to increase the number of any one type by too much. As a general rule, if you change a Pokémon to Fire-type, choose an already existing Fire-type to have its type changed to something else. I'll update soon with a proportions list showing how many of each type there is, and any ideas for type changes are welcome. Along with the type change, please feel free to suggest new moves for the movepool to match the type, or anything else relevant to the type change, but when you're picking moves, remember to use the logic of the game - don't stick in a move that the Pokémon wouldn't be able to physically use were it in real life. Note that I'm planning on changing the types of all of the starters to made catchable elsewhere, which leads to my second point:


I don't intend to make any of the starters obtainable at the start of Multichrome actual starters. I want non-starter, three-chain Pokémon who have had their types changed to Grass, Fire and Water. Throw your ideas for these out there. Try to choose Pokémon whose final evolutions have total base stats of about 525-535, as these are the boundaries for third-evolution starters. The Pokémon don't have to have stats within these boundaries, just as close to them as possible, OR if the Pokémon has lower total stats but has them in strategic places, aka Speed and Attack/Sp. Attack, this is fine too. I can always change the stats if they don't quite fit the boundaries, but I don't want to do too much stat editing in this game, at the moment (although stat changing may happen at some point in the future on this).

Evolution Method Alternatives

It seems that with an edit like this, it would be totally feasible to trade to and from this edit as long as the other version was the same version of that edit - neither game would know anything was wrong. However, I can understand that not many people would be playing this and it would be a little silly to stop people from getting a Gengar just because nobody else they know is playing Multichrome. So Pokémon that require trading to evolve should have their evolution methods changed. On this note, I'm also open to having new evolutions added on to an already existing chain (aka Ponyta evolving into Keldeo through some method, for example). This might be helpful in allowing all the Pokémon in the national dex to be obtainable in the game, which is something I'd be interested in doing.

Complete overhauls

Alternatively, if you have one particular Pokémon in mind that you'd like to change, you could also do a complete overhaul on that Pokémon in particular, if you prefer. Include its new type, evolution methods, egg groups (although I don't expect many of these will change), movepools (including level-up, TM and egg) and abilities. Try to pick a Pokémon that will work well with its currently existing stats. You can make as many overhauls as you like!

As of yet, this is all I need from you guys, but feel free to make any other suggestions related to the edit that you have in mind. I'm also looking for full-time project partners who are interested in working on this with me. Creative brains in gear! :]

Edit: For those interested in helping, I've compiled a small, user-friendly help pack for you to use (attached). It's not totally complete but for now it has all the basic information needed at this stage. If anybody has any questions about anything, email me or add me on Windows Live Messenger using the address shiny.sheimi@live.co.uk.

160 voltigatr..png

Help Pack is for &#.zip


Help Pack is for .zip

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This looks quite good, it's interesting and unique. However, this will get a lot better when you manage to edit the actual Pokémon sprites, even though that's quite hard with the animations and stuff.

Good luck with it, I'll follow your progress.

I totally agree - once pixel editing becomes practical, work on Monochrome should start pretty much straight away, although the work required to come up with various Fakémon, fully design them and test them and pick out any that aren't working etc will mean that it might be quite a while after work starts that I can actually start posting on my progress here. I don't want to make this a shoddy design - I'd like to make sure that Monochrome is high-quality, with some well-designed material. That's partially why I've started work on Multichrome - it's a great way of practising an edit and getting used to the process. Having said that, Multichrome is still something I'd like to see right through to the end, even if work on Monochrome starts before Multichrome is finished.

Thanks for your support, and I hope you'll input your own ideas if you have any.

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Sorry that things haven't exactly been in motion at the moment, gaiz. My personal life has been really hectic recently, but the good news is that Abacus has discovered how to edit the pixels of a Pokémon's sprite in B/W (see this thread where he's posted a very useful guide on how to do it). This is a pretty big breakthrough and while I'm not planning any pixel editing in Multichrome at the moment, once the basics have been completed and the first few versions of the patch have been released, I might consider making some pixel changes as well as palette changes.

I'm working on two ROM hacks now, and both of them are progressing - slowly. Summer is when you'll be able to see real progress happening, and when I start my computer games programming degree in September, there should be some pretty damn awesome progress. So keep an eye out around those times, when I'll probably be bumping.

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