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Event Gallery Error Reporting


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Well, this is technically the error reporting page for the Gallery....and since the Gallery page for the Korean events isn't up, the OTHER thread actually would have been the better place. BUT, it doesn't really matter because it's all the same thing, so anyway...

Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn't managing the collection at this time, and didn't notice it when I was re-arranging things this time (since one is an item, and one is a pokemon, I keep them in different folders on my PC so that's why it didn't stand out to me).

I've got some leads on answers, and I'm looking into it now. Of course, if anyone else has info on this, it'd help.

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English Generation IV Event Gallery

Pokétopia Surfing Pikachu

OT PKTOPIA ID 06257 SID 44879, but it would not SID 44870?

Pokétopia Electivire

OT PKTOPIA ID 06257 SID 46718, but it would not SID 47618?

Toys R Us Manaphy

OT TRU ID 10017 SID 16757, but it would not ID 9297 SID 60303 ?

Sorry my English.

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German Winter SID 58404 Raikou this Evil, What really is 58408

OT Riolu (Pokemon Ranger) German, Karel is bad, really, and Kyle

Crown Entei Movie 2010 Japan, have bad the PID, you have as 224819128, when it really is 664819128

sorry my english

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