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New kid on the block.


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Hello everyone. I am here to look at the many pokemans.

Why? Mainly because I love pokemans, and I want to learn about pokesav, and how to use it to properly construct a legitimate team, without wasting 80+ hours of my limited lifespan.

Anyways, I just noticed this cool bidoof emoticon, so I think I will end this post with that. Thanks.



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Baton Pass :P

Calm Mind/Substitute/Stockpile... take your pick. Unburden helps with the Pinch Berries (although Unburden's boost won't pass) and you'll be giving the recipient some form of boost, allowing that recipient to sweep teams.

Even without Baton Pass, Drifblim can be quite a monster itself.

And I advise you to watch your language here. :eek:

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