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Starter Pokemon Gender/IV/Nature


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And I'll make a Jigglypuff named Kirby, and your Piplup will never win! :P

Getting a male won't be hard, since the male/female ratio for starters (and almost all my favorite Pokemon, for that matter) is 87.5% male. Nintendo doesn't want to make it easy to breed them until you get far enough to get a Ditto (National Dex).

But, yeah, you can reload, but you have to watch through the entire scene where you get it. If you're doing it in D/P, check your Pokemon's stats in the battle with the Starly, or you'll have to wait through a couple more scenes to see what you got.

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Really? The first Pinlup I got was female. Strange. I could have opened up a breeding business!

Despite trying to keep this save legit....l ended up Pokesaving on the Modest nature I wanted - although I didn't mess with anything else.

And from now on, no more Pokesaving!

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