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re: Action Replay Code Help Thread [2]


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94000130 FCFF0000

B2110DC0 00000000

E0000544 000000EC

63FB63F8 E7300000

217944BF 45FA3520

6F6E68BA 97CCBA51

A2336155 84DB14A2

B2F17591 D308FE56

831F1C0E 1B9A06E2

06D54676 1505DF53

CA3A2296 EEA4F3A8

022A1AFC CA4D429C

9181BC19 C68774AC

041C5C00 1450782E

7FC44330 EB1CE4E1

25B25EC9 F43314B3

8CCED277 1F7D9112

5A183A95 75DD71B5

92ADC615 5EDCCC43

2104B8BB 395806B9

58AD744F 73CB70B0

E26A9C3F 1C70FF6F

368AF302 BB0AC14F

2F104360 2B9F172B

1E91415A 6D846482

653B00C3 2A02BA22

52184115 01357823

D493A282 C1361B16

C23C1848 EB7CA87E

B4C72C49 2C7E6E7F


A20775DA 4941ED06

D697D206 00000000

200000A4 00000000

D2000000 00000000

thats the code i made for a shiny cacturne i entered it but dint work

i made it from pokesav and pls reply someone pls i need to make it work

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i dont wanna get banned
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hey people i need help with my ar i made a code from pokesav for soulsilver and entered it in my ar correctly and pressed L+R but it dint work why pls reply pls tell me :)

Have you used the correct version of Pokesav? Make sure its for HeartGold/SoulSilver. Anyway, I looked at the code and it looks as if you've not inputed half of the data, for example the locations of where you met the Pokemon.

You should use PokeGen instead for making Pokemon, its more reliable and easier to use than Pokesav...well in my opinion anyways.

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