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IV generating Problems (both Stable and Beta3.0b24 version)


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Hello folks,

thank you for this exellent program to generate Pokemon. However, I wanted to create some "legal" Pokemon with MAX IVs (all values set to 31). I set everything up (Trainer ID,secret ID, name, attacks, etc...) and then start to begin searching for a PID:


When I completed my search, PokeGen automatically changed some values (speed here):


When I set every stat to "equal" , no PID is found (search method doesn't do anything here).

How can I generate Pokemon with MAX IVs now?

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Chained Shiny Rayquaza? What...?

Well, I wanted all my edited/created Pokemon in PokeGen to be Shiny, so I searched desperately for a method to achieve that and ended up with the "Chained Shiny method".

If you have better ways to achieve that, please tell me. :) (And btw, a CS Pokemon had higher IVs than the non shiny counterpart, so well, quite cool^^)

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Find a spread with flawless IVs, then modify the SID to make it shiny afterwards. It's impossible to obtain a chained shiny Rayquaza through normal means.

How do I find a spread with those IVs? And when I change the SID to a "shiny ID", the game considers the Pokemon as traded, doesn't it?

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Another thing: If I use the methods 2-9 the legal checker says "hacked or unknown pokemon".

Edit: Saw that 2-9 are only for Gen 5 Pokemon, does this mean the games(black and white) or only the Pokemon which are introduced in Black and White?

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Actully 2-9 are for GBA, for b/w all you have to do is save the pokemon without setting a PID.

I tested things out with Pokemon Platinum. Since I received Black/White today, I will test this out. Thanks man!

Edit: Does the game handle these Pokemon as "legal" or hacked?

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