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DW Porygon Event


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No one ever said that.

Suggestions have been made on how to get this pokemon if you really want it that bad. I don't see why you would want to "collect" other people's pokemon, though.

As I said before, DW events aren't events in the same sense as Mystery Gift events. There is nothing that defines it as a specific event, other than the fact that it is from the Entree Forest and that it has its Hidden Ability.

All these DW events do is make a pokemon appear for you to CATCH in your game. The date, OT/ID, and pokeball are defined when you catch it, not by any event settings.

Yeah, I have some other people's pokemon in my collection that's why I was saying it. I also have a noob question, what happens when you use Pokegen do change the OT/ID? Does the pokemon become hacked?

And one more thing, I'd love to buy it but I'm not sure where should I order it

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