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1st/2nd/3rd Gen FAQ - Help Requested

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Q: Can the Generations interact with each other?

A: The 1st and 2nd Generation games may communicate with each other, but the 3rd Generation can not communicate with either.

Q: Were there Effort Values in the 1st and 2nd Generations?

A: Yes, and in fact there were no caps on the amount of Effort Values a Pokémon could get.

Q: In which Generations was Missingno. in?

A: He was only available in the 1st Generation.

Q: How can you catch Mew in 1st Generation?

A: First go to the front door of the Underground West of Lavender. Go down and before the Gambler (He can not have been battled yet) sees you go to the menu and Fly to Cerulean City. Go North of Nugget Bridge and then East. Continue until you see the trainer with a Slowpoke (As a reference, http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~jdonald/pokemon/mewglitch_files/catchmew4.gif) he will see you then you have to battle him. After beating him, go to the menu and Fly to Lavender Town. Go West and the menu will pop up. Exit it and then Mew will appear at level 7.

Q: How can you catch Celebi in 2nd Generation?

A: Not in a legit manner. But using a Gameshark one can use the code 91C089DA to have Kurt give a GS Ball to you. You may then enter Ilex Forest and catch Celebi, but this may only be done in Crystal. There is a glitch that can give the player Celebi, the details are in this video:

Q: When the 1st Generation was remade, was Missingno. removed?

A: Yes, Missingno. was removed from the game in the remakes FireRed and LeafGreen.

Q: Was there ever a difference in "shiny" Pokémon in the 2nd Generation?

A: Not a significant difference.

Q: What Pokémon are not available in the 2nd Generation?

A: All 3rd Generation Pokémon and the following: All Kanto Starters, Legendary Birds, The Fossil Pokémon, Mewtwo, and Mew. Pokémon not catchable in Gold: Ledyba, Ledyan, Phanpy, Donphan, Delibird, Skarmory, Vulpix, Ninetales, Meowth, and Persian. Pokémon not catchable in Silver: Spinarak, Ariados, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Gligar, Mantine, Mankey, Primeape, Growlithe, and Arcanine. Pokémon not catchable in Crystal: Mareep, Flaafy, Ampharos, Girafarig, Remoraid, Octillery, Vulpix, Ninetales, Mankey, and Primeape.

Q: What are significant differences in Yellow when compared to Red and Blue?

A: In Yellow Pikachu is the only option for the first Pokémon and follows the trainer all of the time. It also allows the player to recieve Bulbasuar, Squirtle, and Charmander. All Gyms, except Pewter's Gym, are increased in level.

Q: What are significant differences in Crystal when compared to Gold and Silver?

A: Crystal allows the player the option of playing a girl for the first time. A new character known as Eusine is in the game looking for Suicune. Lugia and Ho-Oh are still catchable in the game, but at level 60 and Ho-Oh can not be caught until the Legendary Beasts are caught. Some Pokémon are available earlier than before, like Growlithe and Sneasel. There are differences to the messages given through the Pokégear from trainers and also a new channel is open. Recieving the final Badge forces the player to answer a quiz and they also recieve a Dratini with Extremespeed.

Q: What are significant differences in Emerald when compared to Ruby and Sapphire?

A: In Emerald the trainers have greener outfits. Pokémon move when sent out of their Pokéballs. Double battles can occur with any trainers as long as the trainers see the player at the same time. Gym Leaders may be challenged more than once to Double Battles. Steven is no longer the Champion, Wallace is the Champion. As Wallace, the former Sootopolis Gym Leader, is Champion his former mentor, Juan, takes on the position as Gym Leader. The player may choose to take a Johto starter from Professor Birch after they complete the Hoenn Pokédex. A Battle Frontier is added after the player beats the game. The Battle Frontier is a large island that consists of seven facilities with different rules; the facilities are as follows: Battle Factory, Battle Dome, Battle Pike, Battle Arena, Battle Castle, Battle Pyramid, and Battle Tower.

There you go. As I think of more I will be glad to help.

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There are the answers. Sorry it took so long.
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Q:-How do You Catch Deoxys In The 3rd Gen?

A: You can catch Deoxys by getting a special ticket obtained through Nintendo events

Q:-How Do You Catch Jirachi?

A: You can catch Jiracji by Transfering it over from Pokemon Box.

Q:How Do You Catch Lugia/Ho-Oh?

A: You can catch them by Getting a certain Nintendo Event and Going to Naval Rock. They are both Level 70.

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Oh boy. This looks fun...

Edit out the unnecessary parts.


Q. Where do I get the HM for Cut?!

A. There is a house in Rustboro City labeled "The Cut Master". It's to the left of Rustboro's Pokemon Center. To use it, you need Rustboro's Gym Badge. However, please note that Cut is NOT necessary to complete the game.

Q. Where do I find Flash?

A. At the cave at the north of Dewford, talk to the hiker (the big man) near the entrance and he will give it to you. I believe you need to obtain Dewford's Gym Badge first to use it. Flash is not necessary to help you complete the game, but it alleviates things in the dark.

Q. AHHH! I've been looking for the HM for Rock Smash everywhere! Where is that?

A. In Mauville City look for a house near the Pokemart. There should be a scientist in a house and he will give you HM06 (Rock Smash). To use it, you must obtain Mauville's Gym Badge.

Q. HELP ME! I can't find Strength ANYWHERE!

A. All right all right! Did you get HM06 Rock Smash? If you did, good. If not, read the above question. Now go west of Mauville to Verdanturf Town and go inside the cave. Inside you'll see a karate man and a woman separated by two rocks. Now do you have a Rock Smash user? Did you also beat Mauville's Gym Leader Watson? If you did both, good. Now proceed to smash the rocks and the karate man will thank you and give you HM04 (Strength). You'll need Lavaridge's Gym Badge to use it though.

Q. What about HM03 Surf? Where do I find that?

A. After beating Norman your dad, go to the house west of the gym in Petalsburg and talk to the man. He'll give you HM03.

Q. Gimme Dive NAO.

A. No.

Q. Please?

A. No.

Q. Fine, can I please know where to find HM08 Dive?

A. Much better. Once you surf to Mossdeep City, go to the house to the most northwest area. It is Steven's house, and he will give you the HM for Dive. You need to defeat Mossdeep's gym leaders to use it though.

Q. Where do I find HM07 Waterfall?

A. You will find it inside Sootopolis's Cave of Origins. Oddly, you need to actually find the item and no one will hand it to you. You will need to beat Sootopolis's Gym Leader to use it though.

Q. How do I get into Sootopolis City? I've been diving everywhere and I still can't find it!

A. First, MAKE sure you have defeated Tate and Liza in Mossdeep, or else you are not allowed to Dive. Surf south of Mossdeep and try going Southwest just a bit until you see white rocks and dark patches of water. Dive down in the dark patches NEAR the white formation of rocks and you will find underwater grass (algae?). If you see grass underwater, you know you're in the right place. Keep surfing under until you see a entrance similar to the one leading to Underwater Cavern. Once you get in, dive out.

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