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Wifi trade me my pkm please.


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hey can you make me a poke and send it on wfi for me



Held Item: masterball

Moveset: roar of time close combat air slash focus beam


EVs:as high as you can get it

IVs:as high as you can get it

OT:dont care



SecretID:dont care


Stats: Atk Def Spe Sp.Atk Sp.Def: as high asa you can get it

Met At:65

Captured with: master ball

Ribbons:high as posile

Contest stats:max

Fateful Encounter: no

cann pp for all moves be 55/55

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Because there is no 64 bit driver for action replay. I asked this before in another thread, but the person who said they would do it hasn't gotten back to me in almost a day now, and they are banned too.

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