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Question regarding the GAMESTP Celebi


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So, I work at Gamestop, and I brought my copy of SoulSilver with me to my shift last night to pick up the Celebi we're distributing.

When I got back from work, I ended up going to bed, but I turned it on this morning to look it over. This is what it's got -

"Modest nature.

Jan. 9, 2011

Pokémon Event

Apparently had a

fateful encounter at

Lv. 50.

Capable of taking hits."

"Dex No. 256




ID No. 02271

Exp. Points 117360

To Next Lv. 7766"

"Item Jaboca Berry"

Everything looks normal except for the fact that I'm pretty sure it wasn't January 9th last night. I checked my DS system and sure enough, it says it's January 10 today... turns out my brother thought it would be funny to mess with my settings.

I didn't think anything of it once he told me that, since I actually got it at the time we were supposed to be distributing it, but I went to Ilex Forest with Celebi as my lead Pokémon, and nothing happened. I restarted and double-checked my Wonder Card.

It says...

"Time to travel with CELEBI!

You have already received

this gift before.

Date received Jan. 09, 2011"

Is it possible that the screwed-up date on my DS corrupted it somehow? Or am I just overlooking something really simple? Any help you'd be able to give me with this would be awesome... thank you so much in advance!

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Interesting about the OT on the Celebi, since you work at GameStop you should have gotten the new WIN2011 (02211) distribution cart as opposed to the GAMESTP (02271) one.

It's got the Fateful Encounter flag, so you should be able to do the event so long as nobody else has done it, namely your brother! There were two different Celebis that were hacked that had the Fateful Encounter Flag, so the event could be done before any official distribution. Be sure you walk all the way to the shrine, and talk to it if need be (I haven't done the event myself).

Changing the date on your DS wouldn't cause any corruption of any kind. It's a common trick RNGers use called "Seed Hitting" (off topic) :)

Welcome to Project Pokemon!

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I was kind of confused about that myself. :< My manager did mention that we haven't been getting some shipments, which I thought was really strange... though, we did have some really cruddy weather not too long ago that literally stopped all deliveries coming in and going out. Maybe that had something to do with it?

I was expecting the WIN2011 one, but then I remembered that, so maybe we're just using our old cartridge.

I really hope this isn't true for all of the Celebi we've been distributing! Some of the kids who were coming in were so excited to be getting it...

...if my brother did the event without telling me I'm going to hurt him so bad. :<

I'll try approaching the shrine from different directions and interacting with it again. I really hope this works. Thank you for your help.

Oh, and thank you for the welcome! C:


Alright - no luck so far. :< Either my brother already did the event, or there's something else messing with it that I've missed.

If I can make it out there today, I'll trash my wonder card, release my Celebi, and get a new one. If it works after that, great; if not, I'll try pulling up one of our preowned copies of HG or SS and working with the distribution for that. And if THAT doesn't work, I'll talk to my manager about our distribution cartridge and see if he's had any word on the WIN2011 one. Most of my coworkers don't actually know a whole lot about Pokémon (I keep getting calls and texts from them when I'm not working asking about how the distribution and Wonder Cards are supposed to work OTL), so it wouldn't surprise me too much if our entire store's overlooked something. ...it would suck REALLY hard, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I'll definitely be in there tomorrow - I'm working the launch - so if it's something wrong with the distribution cartridge and it can be fixed, I'll do my best to fix it.

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Zephyrine before you trash your wonder card and release your celebi that won't allow you to get a new wonder card on the same game cart. The wonder card value is stored in the save and will prevent you from redownloading the wonder card.

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