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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v4: Revenge of the Translation (read first 3 posts)


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Still at work. I get off in about seven hours. Will attempt to finish patch as soon as I get home.

Someone mentioned something about the new logo. I don't have a NARC containing the new logo. I know which one it is, but I do not know how to edit it in. Someone on the forum has to know how to do this. If someone can find out, I can make an attempt to get it in.

With some new information recently released, I will update the existing patch files to include these as well.

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Have to postpone another 24 hours. I have work again in the morning (7 hours from now to be exact), and it's still not completely done. I'll finish it up as soon I get off work tomorrow.

On the plus side, this will give some time to see if anyone knows how to update the logo NARCs. (The logo NARC is\ A\0\2\6. The problem is I'm not sure what format the logo is stored. Someone knows how I'm sure, but unless I can find out, I will be forced to use the logo that is currently in the game.)

Also, I will look into making a batch of patches with Cdelta for those who are having problems with the other patcher.

See you tomorrow, and sorry about the delay.

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I've been having trouble with Xdelta myself, but I think I managed to get it working. Just keep the rom, patch, and Xdelta in seperate folders, then try to patch the rom. It never seemed to work for me if they were all in the same folder, but splitting them up seemed to do the trick.

I have no idea WHY it did the trick, but it did. :creep:

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Version 9.10 is Released!

xDelta GUI patches:

Version 9.10 Pokemon Black Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon Black Kana Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon Black Original Names Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon Black Original Names + Kana Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon White Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon White Kana Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon White Original Names Patch

Version 9.10 Pokemon White Orignal Names + Kana Patch

Note: I will provide patches with other patcher formats but I need to know where to get said patcher to do it. I know a lot of people hate xDelta GUI.

The regular versions have all the latest released names and information in them.

The Kana versions will have Pokemon's names displayed in Kana on the battle screen, status screens, etc.

The Orignal Names versions will have all of the latest updates, but places and characters will have the same names as in Version 8.01.

Patch Installation Instructions

          +            PATCH INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS                +

Follow these to the letter!  I'm not responsible for you corrupting, misplacing,
or accidently deleting your ROM or save game if you don't take two minutes to read
these instructions!

Make copies of your ROM and your save file and store them in a safe place!
I'm not kidding!

* -	Most Nintendo DS ROMs have the extension .nds.

* -	Save files can vary depending on which platform you are playing on.
Examples: .sav, .dsv

You have a clean version of the ROM we are about to patch, right?
Do NOT patch over the previous version of the translation!
Do this and you'll be asking for trouble!

Didn't read the first two steps?  Well, go back already!

This is what we have all been waiting for, right?  Well if you were able
to follow the first two steps then we are almost done!

a.  Extract the files into a folder which you can easily get to.
	There will be three files in the archive.
		xDelta GUI.exe
	* and ONE of the following PATCH files *

b.  Go into the directory in which you extracted the files to.
    Run xDelta GUI.exe

    Click [select Patch].  Select the patch file that is applicable
    to the version you downloaded.

    Click [select ROM].  Select the CLEAN version of your ROM that we
    are going to patch.  Do NOT select the previous version of the translation!

    Wait for about 60 seconds before continuing.  There will be NO popup stating
    that the patch process is complete!

c.  Look for a ROM that has '_patched' in its name.  That is the
    newly patched ROM.  Did you make a backup of your save and your
    current ROM?  Because if you did, well...

d.  Rename the ROM to something along the lines of PokemonBlackV9.nds
    The name for the ROM iteself isn't very important, but you must know
    which one it is!

e.  MOST important part!  Unless you like starting over from scratch, take your
    save file (that you HOPEFULLY backed up) and rename it so that it matches
    the name of your ROM.

    If your ROM is named PokemonBlackV9.nds, then you need to name your ROM
    PokemonBlackV9.sav or PokemonBlackV9.dsv.  The last part of the filename will
    vary depending on the emulator or the flash cart that you use.

f.  Depending on how you are playing the game, you may need various other patches
    to gain EXP, use the Union Room, or other features.  This patch DOES NOT
    include those patches too!  You MUST re-apply them.

    This includes, but not limited to:
	* - Rudolph's Child's Play Patch (In order to gain EXP)
	* - Rudolph's R4 or R3 patch (In order to fix the black Union Room freeze)
	* - Other patches that I may not have listed here.

g.  The patch process is complete!  You may go ahead and play your newly patched game,
    but you will be FAR better off reading the information below!


Do I need to use a clean dump of the game in order to use this patch?

Yes. Trying to patch over the previous version may cause issues. Don't do it.

Which version of the Logo is this patch using?

Same as the last patch. I could not find help to get the released logo into the game, but that isn't very important. You can still play it. xD

Does this include the EXP patch, or any of the other game fix patches?

No. If you need those fixes, then you will need to apply them AFTER applying this patch.

Do I really need to read the README? (Or that wall of text for instructions above?)

Yes! Not only will you be more informed, but you will have a less of a chance of accidentally messing up your saved game.

Can I use my old save game or do I need to start fresh again?

You may re-use your save without problems. However, in order to do so, the name of the save must match the name of your ROM.

Where I can I find information from the other FAQs that were posted?

Link is here.

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About this patch:

This patch adds the latest information that was released a few days ago.

I have included all officially released information including item names, terminology, town names, NPCs, abilities, and move names. All Pokemon have their English names.

I also have uploaded an Original Names version for people who do not want to suffer the confusion of relearning what everything and everyone is called.

Black City, and White Forest have not been translated as of this version. I will make an attempt to get these done ASAP. I was working on the High Link, but some of the files are very large in size and I will not be able to finish it before the US version is released. We will see what happens.

As always, please report errors and inconsistencies in this thread so I may fix them. You may also report problems at my GIT repository issue tracker, located at https://github.com/Koolayde/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files/issues A bugfix release will be made if the amount of problems warrant it.

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