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  1. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12212-How-i-can-change-the-title-screen-and-the-logo-in-pokemon-B-W well that's the best i've seen so far. But Heck I dunno. Only typo's I've seen so far is Shauntel should be Shauntal, and Reuiniclus should be Reuniclus, like i've said before I think.
  2. Koolayde, there's a thread around the website that explains how to change the logo, correct? Why not do that? If you can't find it, just PM me and I'll do it.
  3. Sweet... the Elite four names have been released. ...can anyone kinda tell me how to put a logo in or for me to change names...? I kinda want to change things as they're released, but don't want to push Koolayde about it.
  4. Along with the newly announced gym leader names, abilities, moves, and all that junk? Just asking. I've been following. Or, trying to.
  5. Oh so true. YET... It all matters on perspective. If you're actually going to buy the game, then there's not really a point to the v9.. ...however, if you intend on downloading it (by you I'm being general), then there's probably a stronger AP on it that'll take a while like the other one. MAYBE it's worth it, but who knows. Besides, Koolayde's probably almost done.
  6. someone had posted their own with english names at one point. and it was off of Koolayde's last released v8. they probably just took the post off after i got it or something. gimme your email, i may be able to send it or somethin.
  7. Someone had done that in an earlier post, so you may have to do some searching around for it. But there's a patch with English names around here.
  8. It's a shame that you have to update a name EVERYWHERE, instead of just updating it one place and having it carry through everywhere. That'd be so much easier.
  9. based on the link Romruto1 posted, along with the other names, I would guess it'd be safe to say that the leaked list of names is fairly accurate. That's my opinion anyways.
  10. I wouldn't say Excalibur, probably Excavate. Sounds more of the burrowing type, methinks. Besides, Haxorus isnt bad at all. I mean, they all have the word "Ax" in their name, so why not? (to Antar) I say the names are just like the pokemon: People were so quick to judge, they never gave them a chance. (to AuroraVirus) I'd figure there'd be no point, but also there'd probably be a pretty bad AP on the English release too, which would be a severe pain. So I guess I'm half and half with the English names thing.
  11. Apparently leaked by someone from Pokemon Italy. I read that from a few other websites, so believe what you must I guess?
  12. Apparently leaked by someone from Pokemon Italy. I read that from a few other websites, so believe what you must I guess?
  13. I think it's safe to say that you can include it. If you want to anyways. Good luck though. I would help, but I wouldn't know how I could.
  14. Well I'd assume Koolayde is pretty busy so it may be around.. v9 or so... (unless its just an update of v8) Speaking of which, I haven't heard from him up here in a little while. Everything ok, Koolayde?
  15. so is that the list of actual confirmed names or what? Because they're not bad, but I wasn't sure. If it is, then that's pretty awesome
  16. hm... the next wave of new names and whatnot has been released. woohoo. although I'm sure you're busy as it is.
  17. Well I gave him the logos that can be used, from the official website, but as said, he told me he didn't know how to implement them into the ROM, but perhaps he learned it by now. Either way, if that's the case, I'm sure he'll get to it when he can.
  18. yeah I expected not to, but I'll be excited when such a tool does.
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