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  1. So I disabled my IPV6 and Port Forwarded 80 on this new Router, but now I get the error code 13274. I also got the message from the ShinyGTS "Got wrong request, probably not from a DS." What does this mean?
  2. Ok so the Microsoft website gave me a software tool to Disable my IPV6. However, I can't access the router's setting page (I know the ip address for it), so is there another way I can do port forwarding?
  3. I'm at a place where there's cable internet and a belkin router. All the Fake GTS seem to be using this as there IP Address: fe80::5efe: I was told that that's my IPv6 IP Address and before I was using my IPv4 IP Address. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  4. Just got to a new place, and it has a Belkin Router. Anyway, when I try to use Shiny GTS, both the External and Local IP Address don't work. Then I tried HyperGTS and apparently it's giving me the IP Address: fe80::5efe: Can anyone tell me what this means?
  5. I tried to recieve Gen 4 Pokemon for the first time, but when I tried to deposit something, I got the error message System.FormatException: Invalid character in a Base-6. I have both ports open so what happened?
  6. Can anyone explain why ShinyGTS has it were if you deposit a Pokemon from the Box in BW, the file size is 220 and not 136 bytes since 136 is the size for Pokemon in the PC Box?
  7. I'm sorry I think I'm still confused. If the Munna I deposited was in a Box and Box size is 136 bytes, how come the Munna is 220 bytes when I deposited it? I'm using ShinyGTS btw. :EDIT: NVM I Got it.
  8. I'm sorry I meant as far as what the Fake GTS do. I had a Munna that was in the box and its size was 220.
  9. A long while ago, I though that all .pkm file sizes were 236, but then I saw all these other programs and they seem to be able to make the Pokemon different sizes. I guess what I want to know is how that's possible with the Fake GTS and does something like that alter the Pokemon in any way? Sorry if this sounds crazy, but I don't usually mess around with any kind of tool.
  10. Having problems with the ShinyGTS: Tried it for the first time and it gives me a completely wierd IP Address: (not the one I used with HyperGTS). I try to send a Pokemon to my computer and it gives me that 52100 message. I did the same thing I did with HyperGTS: My Antivirus made ShinyGTS open to all ports, and it's allowed to my Antivirus Firewall and Windows Firewall, I even did a port forwarding, so what's going on? :EDIT: So 5 min after I did port forwarding, I tried using my computer's ip address because I remember I used that for hypergts, and it worked. Can anyone tell me why the program would give me a different ip address to use if it wasn't the right one?
  11. I've never used that before. Does it have a nice interface?
  12. For people who deal with the Fake GTS (for cloning), which is easier to use: IR-GTS-BW, ShinyGTS, or PokeCheck? I also wish to know which is a standalone program and doesn't use anything like python.
  13. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but is this still in beta?
  14. Just trying to get the facts if somebody could help.
  15. Just so I understand, is ir-GTS-bw still in beta. Also are you guys just going to be contempt with just this, or will there be a 5th Gen Hyper GTS in the distant future?
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