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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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it did??? wonder who changed it

nvm, i got what you were saying, lol


I know it seems nooby to just get my C-Gear, but I haven't really been playing properly :P

Im just using Walk Through Walls codes and stuff to get me where I want to go.

I'm not gonna play legit until a decent chunk of the story has been translated.

I can't get into the game if I don't know whats happening :P

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Yep. Just found a lovely bug. While trying to teach Thief to my Warubiru, after it says ""but it cannot learn more than 4 moves," I get a long line of ???!?? gibberish and the game stops responding.

Should've saved before that. Now I have to level up my Bachuru to evolve again. OTZ

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I'm using an emu and rom. Am I able to use Global Link (which is opening later today) and wifi and all other stuff with the patches on this thread?

Also I don't have a router..but considering this is on my comp...

I'm really not sure actually. No$GBA supposedly has Wi-Fi support, but I remember reading an article saying all DS emulators had been cut off from Ninty's servers.

Mind trying it for us?

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Hey can some one help me?? Im getting an error on the gts saying a bunch of japanese words and an error code with (13267) can some one help me coz i can trade on the gts!!!!!!!:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Only the actual game cartridges can use the GTS, I think. I know for a fact you can't use the transfer machine unless its the actual game cart. The other DS doesn't recognize it as a Pokemon game because the flashcart isn't actually a game.

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