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Actually, I just tested to see if there is a shiny check for PDW Pokemon you meet in High Link to catch.

They can't be shiny.

If they are shiny, the PID is (in hex)

Generated PID (Happens to be Shiny)+0x10000000 to make it unshiny.

So a shiny PID is XOR'd with 0x10000000 to make it unshiny. There are no shiny Pokemon from PDW catchable via High Link.



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evs also can win battles, as is normally done, for it works well even at 100. I myself have tested in a poke at 100 and received after each battle evs normally

this must of changed in 5th gen, because in 4th gen, the ev's was recieved at the same time as the exp. since a pokémon at level 100 can't get exp, it would therefore not get ev's either.

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