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  1. I sr'd 3 times, got mamepato all three. My id is 10018. Don't know if it makes a difference, but is a possible factor in determine what pokémon you get.
  2. There has been no reported case of a female crogunk/bulbasaur/squirtle/charmander/eeveelution. I have check enough sites for it to be as close to confirmed that it can be without being confirmed that "event" DW pokémon can't be female.
  3. how to check ability without giving them ev's: 1. save your game 2. evolve it 3. check ability 4. restart your game edit: I'm using a retail cart so I can't contribute, but I do have a lot of DW pokémon (most of them ev'd, some at level 100). If anyone want to help me with contributing through trading, just pm me. (p.s. I want my pokémon back afterwards).
  4. I wrote that male Dw ability pokémon that has been raised without caring about ev's (raised versus random pokémon) are useless, since they cannot be ev trained without certain rare berries. UT male DW ability pokémon is just as good as female ones, as long as they doesn't need an egg move. Also, since you wpn't send out a pokémon when battling in the HL, syncronize doesn't work.
  5. Any DW ability pokémon should be fine, at least at the moment. This thread's purpose is to collect all DW ability pokémon, I guess that UT is prefered (UT bred or UT caught, doesn't matter). But there shouldn't be anyone complaining if you posted those day cared raised, or ev'd ones if you have. There should be a problem with male pokémon that has been raised witout caring about evs tho, since they won't fill any purpose at all.
  6. If you are going to hack, why do you prefer this over pokésaving? Since the only place legalness matter seem to be VGC and this kind of hacking won't work there.
  7. They still would'nt be legal since there is no data on the global link that says that the pokémon's OT had access to it a.k.a. nintendo can see that it is an illegal OT. If you plan to hack to use it when that kind of legalness doesn't matter, you might just as well pokésav it. But if you plan to use it in random wi-fi or VGC, it won't pass the legal-test.
  8. this must of changed in 5th gen, because in 4th gen, the ev's was recieved at the same time as the exp. since a pokémon at level 100 can't get exp, it would therefore not get ev's either.
  9. On certain bridges there qwill sometimes fall "wings" and land on the ground. these "wings" can be picked up and when digested by a pokémon, the pokémon will get +1 ev in one stat, even after it has got 100 ev's in that stat.
  10. I gave guested the pw and username of a dream world account that got an umbreon and wasn't synced to a game. how come I didn't get an even contributor badge?
  11. The things I've wrote are true. I have NOT wrote that they are legit, just that all information we got so far is signs of a legal pokémon.
  12. that fact that some combination were illegal in gen 4 doesn't change thatfact that less than 20 iv's in atk, sp. atk and speed is bad for a mild pokémon. A hacked pokémon will most of the time have near perfect iv's and a nature that will benifit the pokémon. Mild isn't a bad nature for bulbasaur, but it seem like most people that does that kind of hacking prefer to run natures that doesn't lower a defensive stat.
  13. what no. 1: They seem legit what no. 2: the iv's doesn't benifit the nature.
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