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Greetings from the UK!


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Hey all, i'm SuperKonker. Im probablly gonna be the resident Rick Astley. (Being British AND Ginger.)

So, the basics.



Hardcore Gamer

Love anything Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Red Dwarf anything like that.)

Love Heavy Metal (Machine Head, not Lead)

On Steam, my ID is Konker92.

Xbox Live - DistinctWalnut

Cant think of anything else, so thats it. :kikkoman:

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Hai! So, uh... Umm... I'm not good at these things called "welcomes". I'm a gonna go off to off-topic... And maybe find out how to change my little thing under my username. -_-

Quick Links-->Edit Details--> Scroll Down

also Hello There.

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welcome fello brit, i also love red dwarf, did you catch the new 3 parter that was on dave? its just not the same without the laughing, still good though, theres gotta be a new series soon cause they left it open.

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