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Pokestar Pokemon Enabler 3.7

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About This File

Original Developer:

Save Editor for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to modify and inject Pokestar Studios Pokemon (termed Studiomons for simplicity) and the Hall of Fame
Also functions for Pokemon Black and White.

The Studiomons will not work in party (immediately become eggs, it is something forced by the rom itself),
however will function if used from Battle Box.

As always, back up your saves before usage.

Support Thread: 

What's New in Version 3.7


Minor update to fix graphical glitch, where Shiny Pokemon didn't appear as so.

Hotfixed: Editing First Clear leads to program crash, problem fixed.
Hotfixed2: Fixed Checksum issues related to Pokemon Black/White
HotAdded: Clones Save Block 1 to Save Block 2 (however, if your first save block is corrupted, it'll corrupt save block 2 too lol)


Previously, on Version 3.6

I've managed to get some things done, added Black/White Support. Don't add studiomons to BW. seriously..

Added: BW and B2W2 differentiation based on checksum (loosely based on Kaphotic's work on PKHeX)
Added: If Checksum Differentiation failed, selector window.
Added: BW Hall of Fame extractor and editor
Added: BW First Game Clear (only apples to BW)
Fixed: Recreated the features from 3.4 that was omitted in 3.5, such as Markings Editing and PID calculation based on shiny value.
Fixed: PokeTransferred Hatched Pokemon Errors.
Fixed: Keypress/Keydown on Party selection reading invisible entries

I think that's all the changes I did..


Previously, on Version 3.5
Seeing that there are downloads for this, I've decided to update the program,
primarily to get rid or fix things that were bugging me previously,
which I never got around to doing because of (1) lack of time and (2) I'm a goddamn coding novice.

Added: Preliminary Party Support
Added: Drag and Drop support to import .sav, .pk5, .pkm (Pokemon gen 5 format only)
Added: Page to view Trash bytes of Nickname and OT name.
Added: Function to change to legal abilities based on species. (as seen in the image with the Raichu in viewer. This also applies to Studiomons.)
Fixed: Bug where Nickname and OT name was not saving correctly when Set (affected other region characters)
Fixed: If one attempts to change player/pc tab before save load, program crashes.
Changed: Cleaned up some code, may not be obvious from consumer end.

Note: Don't attempt to include Hall of Fame entry if you have yet to clear the game.

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