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PWT: Unused PWTs (WCS2011)

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About This File

The unused PWTs were extracted from B2W2.

Backstory from Kaphotics:


Back when B2W2 first came out, I noted that there was an unused narc that contained data for WCS2011 tournaments, a/2/5/8. It is inaccessible in game, but I managed to parse the data it contained.

Interestingly enough, the file format is not too far off of the Download Tournaments. So... I converted the unused ROM tournaments to actual raw download files, then using Prof. 9's program I got them out as the .pwt files :)

There was 12 tournaments in the narc. Juniors, Masters, and Seniors all had tournaments -- one is the standard, then the other is an edited (toned down) version. Then there's duplicates of the first 6.. so I omitted those.

Lots of things are messed up (sprites, text..), because it was never set/polished. Just a heads up :P

Original discussion: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/23084-pwt-download-tournaments/?do=findComment&comment=149695



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