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Save Extractor from Bootleg Pokémon GBA games 1.0.5

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About This File

Typically dumping savs from bootleg GBA carts will result in a save that won't be usable on emulators nor save editors.
That is because the save is typically stored with the ROM data.

Thus, this program dumps saves from bootleg GBA ROM dumps, that the user dumps from their own bootleg GBA games.

You can drag and drop the game onto the program, or open it.
The save (if available) is then dumped into the same directory as where the game is.

The "Quick Search" basically checks every 0x1000 of the save file, starting from 0xFF8.
(if it's a save, the initial 2-words at every 0xFF8 in the save are identical to each other,
and the initial 2-words at every 0xFFE in the save are the same, that being blanks)

Image example:



The "Full Search" method is slower. It checks the same things as mentioned above, but instead of every 0x1000,  it crawls through the entire file to find said bytes. It does so because the save may not be at a fixed location.

"Quick Search" works because the starting of the save occurs a round 0x1000 variant value, whereas "Full Search" looks for the save if it's stored at a truncated location.

Tests done.
Tested on a copy obtained from here

What's New in Version 1.0.5   See changelog


Version 1.0.5
Changed: If dumped save is only half in size, the half is cloned to form a second half: so that the save can be read by PKHeX

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Version 1.0.4
Added: Hex address where to locate the save in the ROM, with said address being in the save name.

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Version 1.0.3
Added: A Progress bar has been added
Added: "Full Search" method. Note: It's much slower
Changed: The default method is now been dubbed "Quick Search"
Changed: The status report updates more frequently
Changed: Process runs in the background; window won't freeze up.

Version 1.0.2
Added: Date and Time to the saves dumped.

Version 1.0.1
Fixed: An issue where the dumping is slightly truncated.

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