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Generations I-VII 807 Pokémon (Unique & Exclusive Moves) 1.0.0

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About This File

Projéct R.

About this file: This is how we play!

All Pokémon from generation I to VII. (807)

All alternate forms, Z-crystals moves and mega/primal evolutions per Pokémons. All types of Z-moves held by (8) Eeveelutions and (10) Ultra-beast pokémon while exclusive z-moves are held by specific pokémon with its own exclusive moves and exclusive pokémon.

Effortless: Save-File From The Start

All IV's, EV's maxed, unique abilities, maxed OT's, 100% Pokédex, USUM file. All unique moveset through out of its evolution stages. I focus more on pokémon to have its own unique and exclusive moves from Gen I-VII.

Bonus: Gathering all from Database

Completed all kinds of moves from generation I to VII, including specific signature moves for pokémon. (moves are legal and well researched one-by-one) + bonus event-exclusive moves including: Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Back, Hold Hands and V-Create. (Light of Ruin included). 😆

Rename the file to "main".

My 1st project and all credits/hardwork from this site. Hope you find it good as you start your journey from the beginning of the game. Though this file is not fully 100% due to Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beasts are not "legal" but nevertheless, i will look and research more just to satisfy my fellow members. Also aiming for almost perfect pokémon. Thank you and more powers! (feel free to comment and support our website https://projectpokemon.org).

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