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Hall of Fame Extractor 1.3.3

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About This File

Basic Version for Hall of Fame Viewing and Extracting and Editing (via Injection).

Generation Support Status Info Stored on Save Manual Save Detection Functionality
III Extraction only Species, Level, PID, TID, SID, Nickname No
IV Extraction and Injection Species, Level, PID, TID, SID, Nickname, OT Name, 4 Moves Yes
V Extraction only Species, Level, PID, TID, SID, Nickname, OT Name, 4 Moves Yes
VI Extraction only Species, Level, Encryption Constant (not PID),
TID, SID, Nickname, OT Name, 4 Moves
Forme, Shininess, Held Item
VII (SM/USUM) No immediate plans
(PKHeX has a working viewer)
Unknown, under investigation No
VII (LGPE) No immediate plans Unknown, under investigation No

Author's Note
Hello all, always save twice in-game before using this program,
and always keep a safe backup of your saves, as a safeguard against unforeseen corruption.

Note that Gen 3 info stored on the save is rather bare, compared to Gen 4 and Gen 5 entries.
In any case, you gotta use PKHeX to fix all the legality problems (ball, location, IVs, moves, abilities etc). Use at your own risk.

Information regarding PID->IVs calculation
Purpose for adding this, is to aim to make it easier to revive possibly legal mons from the Hall of Fame.
All entries generated are using some form of Method 1 method. Event/XD/Colo Pokémon will need to fixed manually by users (since most identifiers for those aren't retained in HOF, so only user would know)
1. Legends/Unown will directly use Method 1/Reverse Method 1 IV calculation based on PID.
2. Other mons (which were set to be hatched by the program) will still use Method 1 for calculation, but for legality sake on PKHeX, it's HP IV has been reduced by 1. (Hatched mons cannot have Method 1 IVs; will be read as illegal on PKHeX)
3. For Gen 5 and onwards, in most scenarios PID and IVs are no longer linked.

Known issues in general
Any of these entries should be fixed by the user:
1. Using the default loaded mon on a Hidden Grotto capture will likely cause it to be illegal.
2. Event mons will likely be illegal
3. Pok
émon of XD or Colosseum origin will likely be illegal
3. Cute Charm mons in Gen 4 will likely be illegal. (I'm imagining if they were imported up, this issue will also exist on later gens)

4. In Gen 5, shiny Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina will be illegal (cause their default load entry is the Dream Radar version)
5. Legends/Unown separate default loading has not been implemented for Gen 6.
6. In-game trades from Gen 4-6 have not yet been implemented.
7. In-game trades from Gen 3 have not been implemented in Gen 4-6.
8. Beyond Gen 3, extracting Pokémon that couldn't learn Hidden Power would end up illegal. (wobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngkricketot.pngtynamo.pngspewpa.png)
9. Most Pokémon extracted in Gen 6 would probably be illegal, due to lack of Egg Moves.
10. If your Pokémon had an illegal PID/Moves/Nickname-OTname combination etc, PKHeX would naturally flag it (duh)

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog


Added: Gen 3 - if the HOF entry has the same TID/SID as the save, save file's OT name and OT gen will be utilized for the pk3 extracted.
Added: Gen 3 - save's game identification (based on the game code in the save)
Changed: Reworked how experience was derived from levels.
Fixed: Gen 3 - After viewing 30+ overall HOF entries, going back to earlier entries caused them to not show up correctly
Fixed: Gen 3 - Nickname in textbox may overflow and read an extra byte, thus leading other nicknames to look corrupted when cycling through entries.
(this does not affect actual nicknames sent to pk3, though)


Previously, on Version 1.2.8

Fixed: Dumping any entry in a page that contained a creature from the fast experience group could result in an exception.


Previously, on Version 1.2.7

Added: Preliminary Gen 6 Support (viewing and extracting only)
Added: Gen 6 specific: Creating PID for Shiny/Non-shiny (done automatically based on TID/SID)
Added: Gen 6 and Gen 7 creatures' experience rates
Added: Gen 3 Nicknames (Gen 3 character encoding support, based on Japanese encoding list)


Previously, on Version 1.2.6

Fixed: Medium Slow Group Experience was a clone of Slow Group.
Fixed: Experience was for a lower level.
Fixed: PK3 files was missing checksum, so some PK3 were not identified when loaded onto PKHeX


Previously, on Version 1.2.5

Added: Preliminary Gen 5 support (viewing and extracting; part of code taken from here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/652-pokestar-pokemon-enabler/)
Added: Manual save type detection option (previously it only popped up when it couldn't detect save type)


Previously, on Version 1.2.4

Added: Rudimentary Gen 3 support


Previously, on Version 1.2.3

Added: Drag and Drop Support for Saves
Added: Support for Hall of Fame editing
Added: Drag and Drop Support for .PK4 files


Previously, on Version 1.2.2

This newer version allows exporting of dumbed down .pk4 files to be used with pkhex (Gen IV)
These files are missing various information, such as caught location and ball type, IVs EVs etc.

It also *should* work with all Gen IV save files.

Hot-fixed: DP Hall of Fame 1st entry read the wrong index (9th), fixed.
Added: Alternative selection menu for Save type if initial detection fails.

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