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Unreleased/Beta PKM Gallery

This section lists various unreleased/beta Pokemon and Pokemon related files,
gathered from the various generations.

In most cases, the Pokemon here WILL NOT BE LEGAL. Use at your own risk.

Some of the images will bear an icon of the game, as this is the legend for what the various icons stand for:

red.png Pokémon Red green.png Pokémon Green blue.png Pokémon Blue
yellow.png Pokémon Yellow gold.png Pokémon Gold silver.png Pokémon Silver
crystal.png Pokémon Crystal runy.png Pokémon Ruby sapphire.png Pokémon Sapphire
emerald.png Pokémon Emerald fr2.png Pokémon FireRed lg2.png Pokémon LeafGreen
diamond.png Pokémon Diamond pearl.png Pokémon Pearl platinum.png Pokémon Platinum
hg.png Pokémon HeartGold ss.png Pokémon SoulSilver b.png Pokémon Black
w.png Pokémon White b2.png Pokémon Black2 w2.png Pokémon White2
x.png Pokémon X y.png Pokémon Y or.png Pokémon Omega Ruby
as.png Pokémon Alpha Sapphire s.png Pokémon Sun m.png Pokémon Moon
us.png Pokémon Ultra Sun um.png Pokémon Ultra Moon lgp.png Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu
lge.png Pokémon Let's Go Eevee sw2.png Pokémon Sword sh2.png Pokémon Shield


100 files

  1. BK4: Unobtainable Rental Passes' Pokemon

    This page hosts all the Rental Passes' Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution, obtained by @BlackShark!

    Original Thread and technical details:


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  2. ECT: Debug Pokemon Ruby Version - Debug E-reader Trainer

    Out there in the wild, exists a German Language Debugger's/Developer's Edition of Pokemon Ruby Version,
    which contains many debugging tools, including Mystery Event distribution subroutines.
    Working on the data first documented by The Cutting Room Floor and GlitchCity Forums,
    the E-card Trainer was finally extracted by @jojo12100 using @suloku's tool.

    There are e-Reader cards that allow you to challenge trainers in the old man's house in Mossdeep City,
    and the trainer can be swapped out by scanning a different card.

    This card data contains a trainer that is a Pokemon Ranger, with his name being "Card E" (Japanese: カードいイー),
    and rather peculiarly have the names of his Pokemon being in English ("TOURNAMENT").
    Note: Japanese games are hard coded to only display up to 5 Characters for Trainer and Pokemon Names,
    even if the Pokemon has a longer name, as seen in the comparison below.

    It's possible that this e-Card was originally Japanese in a earlier revision of the debug rom,
    which was likely based on a japanese debug rom, before it was adapted for localization.
    The nicknames of the Pokemon was likely changed during localization.

    [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
    Original Thread:




  3. GP1: Fake and unreleased Go Park Complex Mew

    The author usually doesn't indulge in making fakes, but just for this time round, the author made a few edits to the a GP1 of Jigglypuff to showcase a few presently (as of 2021) unreleased details:
    1. Mew from Pokémon GO in Go Park Complex in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
    2. Shiny Mew from Pokémon GO in Go Park Complex in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

    When GO to HOME compatibility dropped, it was immediately noticed that Mew could be sent to HOME using this method.
    However, GO did not lift the restriction of Mew entering LGPE.
    Given that months has passed since the compatibility dropped, and GO never did lift the restriction,
    it implies that GO may never allow Mew to be transferred to LGPE.

    It is to note that the Mew received via this method will be illegal, even when transferred up.
    As an aside, there is no legal way to catch Mew in LGPE.
    The only way to obtain a Mew legitimately, is either via purchase of the Poké Ball Plus, or via trade (with someone that has a Mew).




  4. JPK1: Unobtainable Pocket Monster Stadium Trainer's Pokemon

    Ever wanted to snag trainer's Pokemon in Pocket Monster Stadium? Now you can!

    This page holds every trainer's Pokemon from the Japanese Pocket Monster Stadium game!
    Original Thread and Credits:




  5. JPK2: Unobtainable Japanese Crystal Debugger's Pokemon

    Discovered in the scripts of Pokemon Crystal's debug menu, 4 Debugger's Pokemon has been found!

    Credits to @Kaphotics and @jojo12100 for these.

    Original Thread:




  6. ME3: Debug Eon Ticket

    Out there in the wild, exists a German Language Debugger's/Developer's Edition of Pokemon Ruby Version,
    which contains many debugging tools, including Mystery Event distribution subroutines.
    Using the Mimic e-Card option in the Test Menu, the game emulates receiving an Eon Ticket,
    which is notably different from the standard one players get from an official distribution.
    [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]




  7. PGT: DP Debug Wonder Cards

    Diamond and Pearl Debug
    In June 2019, a Japanese copy of a Debugging variant of Pokémon Diamond Version was found and subsequently dumped.
    In May 2020, the source code for Diamond and Pearl was found, and the game could be compiled, with the debug features intact.

    Steps to receive in debug game:
    Debug Menu via R + Start (in-game) > Oono > Delivery Debug
    This causes the gifts to appear in the save. While these were extracted from the debug versions of Diamond and Pearl, it should theoretically work for Platinum.

    Do note that Gift 4 and 5 are notorious for crashing the game when received, and appears to be trash data.
    They are included here purely for archival purposes.

    Platinum Debug
    It appears that the same function that gives debug cards in DP debug, is in Platinum debug, but doesn't do anything.
    As usual, these files would be illegal and should not be transferred. Use at your own risk.
    [We will not distribute the Debug ROM, and it is against our rules to ask for it]




  8. PK1: Debugger's Pokemon

    Original Description, pre-debug rom leak
    When running through the assembly of the game, it was discovered that there are subroutines that will give you a set part of Pokemon.

    It is most likely that these Pokemon the game fills your party with, are Pokemon the debuggers used to run through the game,
    to test whether the game is working as intended.

    Thanks to @jojo12100 and @BlackShark's help with the codes, to obtain these Pokemon!
    Update, post-debug rom leak
    Since the debug roms for Blue and Yellow is (at time of writing) now in the wild, the debug Pokémon from those were added.
    It is important to note that OT/TID is set upon continuing the game via debug (as opposed to continuing normally via Title Screen).

    So while the subroutine is the same, it uses the base save's OT/TID.
    In any case, debug roms will not be distributed. Do not ask for them!

    Original Thread:


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  9. PK1: Encounters with the Glitched Kind

    @jojo12100 held his breath, and took a deep dive into the glitched map 0xFE in Pokemon Yellow,
    in order to meet the Pokemon that calls that place home.

    Explanation on how to get there:




  10. PK1: Teruman Mew

    These Mew were added to the box by the devs for Pokémon Yellow, presumably to run through the game and debug various features.
    As these Mews were the only Mew added, and as such had predetermined DVs, it is to be noted that none of these had DVs that would result in a shiny.

    It appears that Teruman was either a dev in the localization team, or just a remnant name that the localization team used.
    It seems like that the OT Teruman is a reference to Teruki Murakawa, a developer credited in various releases of Pokémon.
    (The same developer that was referenced in Gen 2's unused items name TERU-SAMA)
    These Mew were extracted from the SAV, that was presumably used for debugging.
    [We will not distribute the Debug ROMs and SAVs, and it is against our rules to ask for it]




  11. PK1: The "Hooked" Series

    In Pokémon Red & Blue, a strange glitch was discovered by the GlitchCity old forums. (Less loud and more readable version here)
    According to the report, it appears that after performing a variant of having the Safari Step counter time out when the boy in Pewter City take the first steps to bring you the the museum, talking to the boy again afterwards will result in a "hooked" Dragonite appearing, before freezing your game.
    Jojo12100 was able to dump its info and replicate it, much like the process done for the Gen 1 Ghost Marowak.
    Do note that in the data, it's level is 0. (PKHeX views any species with 0 EXP as Lv 1)
    Besides Dragonite, other possible "hooked" encounters includes Metapod and Missingno. Those encounter are triggered by different conditions.
    This page has an explanation of how Hooked Pokémon glitches work.




  12. PK1: Unused Trade Pokemon

    This page features unused trade Pokemon found in Generation I.

    In Pokemon Red Blue and Green, it was found that there is an unused trade, whereby players can trade their Butterfree for a Beedrill from an NPC.

    Pokemon Yellow added two more unused trades, where players can trade a Mew for a Mew, and a Pidgeot for Pidgeot.

    Thanks to @jojo12100 and @SwagKey for obtaining these Pokemon for us!

    Original Thread:




  13. PK2: Bug-Catching Contest Unused Slot: Venomoth

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal, players are able to participate in a Bug-Catching Contest for free, limited to one entry per day, held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    In those games, the encounter slots contains an unused entry for Venomoth.

    This Venomoth was encountered, by switching around the encounter slots, done by @jojo12100
    Original Thread:




  14. PK2: DA00 Glitch Map Pokemon

    Thanks to GlitchCity researches we discovered in Gold/Silver an unused map called DA00 in Kanto that generates wild Pokemon.
    Chances of corrupting your save with it are very high and Pokemon are over lv100.
    Apparently another like that exist also in Crystal but it was not documented.




  15. PK2: Debug GS Mons

    These Pokémon can be added to the box by the devs for the Japanese debug versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver via the debug menu.
    This option was added to the debug menu,  presumably to enable the devs to run through the game and debug various features.
    It appears that the OT is randomly generated by pulling from a list of possible names, as well as having fully random TIDs (the TIDs are not tied to the OT).
    Additionally, the other details, such as species and DVs are random as well.
    At this point, it is not known whether Unown, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Ho-Oh, Lugia and Celebi can be pulled as the random species.
    Though it is important to note, with the basis of about a 100 saves, it does not seem possible, as none of them have even appeared in any of them.

    It is also not known is it is possible to get a shiny, or the DV is restricted to randomize in a way that it only outputs a non-shiny combination.
    Depending on which debug option was chosen, it either places you in Viridian City Pokémon Center or in your house.
    It also gives you a Lv 80 final evolution of a Johto starter, and it gives you random Pokémon in the entirety of Box 1.
    [We will not distribute the Debug ROMs and SAVs, and it is against our rules to ask for it]




  16. PK2: Impossible Korean Celebi

    With the release of Pokémon Crystal on the Virtual Console for 3DS, Celebi (shiny and non-shiny) can be transferred up using Pokemon Transporter,
    due to the fact that VC Pokémon Crystal allows players to get the GS BALL legitimately (without hacking or glitching).

    However, Pokémon Crystal was not released to the Korean 3DS's, neither in Korean (as Korean Pokémon Crystal didn't exist back in the day) nor in international languages (as in Korean 3DS never got it).

    As such, the only Virtual Console games that do not have access to Celebi are the Korean versions of Generation II,
    as the Korean Virtual Console titles cannot communicate with the Japanese nor International versions.

    While it would be illegal, Pokémon Transporter allows the transfer of a Korean Celebi from Generation II.

    This page contains a shiny and non-shiny Celebi modeled after the one caught in Ilex Forest of Pokémon Crystal.




  17. PK2: Pokemon Stadium 2 Debugger's Pokemon

    Pokemon Stadium is the first Pokemon game with 3D models capable of battling, and Pokemon Stadium 2 is the sequel to that game.

    Debugger's Pokemon has been found, and this page holds those Pokemon.

    @jojo12100 and @BlackShark
    Original Thread:




  18. PK2: Unobtainable Egg Moves Pokemon

    Programmed into Pokemon Gold & Silver, are 3 Pokemon that have Eggs moves, that are normally inaccessible to them.
    Back in Generation 2, Egg Mechanics dictates that Pokemon can only learn moves from their fathers.
    Below is the breakdown of the Pokemon that have inaccessible egg moves.
    Pokemon Moves Explanation Oddish
      No Pokemon in the Grass Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Smoochum
      Lovely Kiss
      Only Pokemon in the Human-Like Egg Group that learns Lovely Kiss is Jynx (100% Female Pokemon),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Staryu

      Aurora Beam
    Supersonic Being Genderless species, it can only breed with Ditto (which normally only knows Transform),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the moves.

      No Pokemon in the Monster Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Bulbasaur
      No Pokemon in the Grass or Monster Egg Groups can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move.
    These impossible moves would later be removed from Pokemon Crystal.
    These are all obtained by getting Ditto to learn the move, then to pass it down, all thanks to @jojo12100.




  19. PK2: Unobtainable Pokemon Stadium 2 Gym Leader Castle Rental Pokemon

    Rental Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium 2 that trainers are unable to keep for themselves.
    This page hosts a whopping 246 of such rental Pokemon obtained, thanks to @SwagKey




  20. PK2: Unobtainable Trainer House Cal's Pokemon

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal (and later in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver), there is a location called the Trainer House.
    The Trainer House allows you to battle the trainer in it once a day.
    The trainer will normally be the trainer that you last used Mystery Gift with,
    however if you never used that feature before, the trainer you get to battle is Cal.

    Cal's Pokemon are the final stages of the Johto Starters.
    It was discovered in the games programming (gen 2) that there are 2 unused teams,
    which features the 1st and 2nd stages of the Johto Starters, but it is not known how to trigger these battle legitimately.

    This page hold all 3 of the sets mentioned before, from Gen 2.





  21. PK2: Unobtainable Trainer House Carrie's Pokemon

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal (and later in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver),
    there is a location called the Trainer House.
    The Trainer House allows you to battle the trainer in it once a day.
    The trainer will normally be the trainer that you last used Mystery Gift with,
    however if you never used that feature before, the trainer you get to battle is Cal.

    Carrie is a young trainer that frequently visits Goldenrod Department Store,
    and when encountered in Pokemon Stadium 2, she can use the Mystery Gift feature with the player,
    and will appear in the Trainer House in Viridian for the player to challenge.

    This page holds the 3 teams that she can use.




  22. PK2: Unused Entei Script Encounter

    Discovered in Gold/Silver ROM Entei had an unused Script meaning it was planned to have a static encounter probably in Burned Tower, this idea was scrapped but used in Pokemon Crystal with Suicune this time.




  23. PK3: Battle Frontier Uncatchable Pokemon

    Pokemon Emerald introduced an array of post-game battle facilities, which is hosted on the island called Battle Frontier.
    Besides roping in the existing Battle Tower from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, the newer facilities hosts various challenges and rules,
    unique to their own facility and differentiates them from the traditional Battle Tower (and each other).

    In 2 of the facilities, namely Battle Pike and Battle Pyramid, it is possible to encounter wild Pokemon, and none of these can be captured.
    (and to totally break you, these Pokemon can be shiny. *sad* )

    @jojo12100 grabbed all these Pokemon straight from the RAM, and used @BlackShark's tool to decrypt said Pokemon.

    Below illustrates a comprehensive list of what Pokemon are available, and another complete list of Pokemon can also be found here
    Battle Pyramid Obtainable Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paralysing Pokemon Plusle Minum Pikachu Electabuzz Villeplume Electsprint Breloom Jolteon Poisonning Pokemon Gulpin Roselia Butterfree Seviper Skarmory Ludicolo Crobat Gengar Burning Pokemon Growlithe Vulpix Magcargo Ninetales Medicham Weezing Dusclops Houndoom PP waster Pokemon Dunsparce Banette Misdreavus Ninetales Absol Gengar Dusclops Shedinja Levitate Pokemon Haunter Chimecho Solrock Misdreavus Claydol Weezing Flygon Gengar Trapping Pokemon Diglett1 Trapinch1 Wynaut1 Diglett2 Trapinch2 Wynaut2 Wobbuffet Dugtrio Ice Pokemon Glalie Sneasel Dewgong Piloswine Jynx Cloyster Lapras Walrein Destructing Pokemon Weezing Electrode Gengar Golem Pineco Solrock Forretress Shiftry Psychic Pokemon Wobbuffet Metang Exeguttor Slowking Xatu Alakazam Starmie Espeon Rock Pokemon Golem Steelix Omastar Luantone Shuckle Armaldo Cradily Aerodactyl Fighting Pokemon Poliwrath Hariyama Breloom Medicham Hitmoncham Hitmonlee Heracross Machamp Weather Pokemon Quagsire Tropius Pupitar Lapras Cacturne Flareon Walrein Gyarados Bug Pokemon Pineco Shuckle Venomoth Scizor Heracross Forretress Armaldo Shedinja Dark Pokemon Sableye Sneasel Crawdaunt Shiftry Cacturne Absol Houndoom Umbreon Water Pokemon Octillery Dewgong Pelipper Quagsire Ludicolo Slowking Starmie Blastoise Ghost Pokemon Duskull Haunter Banette Misdreavus Sableye Dusclops Shedinja Gengar Steel Pokemon Mawile Magneton Steelix Scizor Forretress Skarmory Aggron Metagross Dragon Pokemon Dragonair Vibrava Altaria Flygon Aerodactyl Gyarados Kingdra Charizard Evolution Stone Pokemon Arcanine Poliwrath Raichu Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Ninetales Starmie Normal Pokemon Kangaskhan Swellow Ursaring Porygon2 Tauros Fearow Snorlax Slaking  
    Battle Pike Rom 1-280 Dusclops Milotic Seviper Rom 281-560              Electrode Milotic Seviper Rom 561-840 Breloom Milotic Seviper Rom 841+ Wobbuffet Milotic Seviper Those that are highlighted are ones that are already obtained.
    Original Thread:




  24. PK3: Battle XD Colosseum Debug Pokemon

    Like Pokemon Red/Blue and Stadium 1/2/3, Pokemon Colosseum and XD have debug trainers used to test many things like New Forms of Deoxys in XD or Pokeballs in Colosseum.
    Pokemon they used are well ... totally WTF but that's just for debug




  25. PK3: Colosseum Demo Pokemon

    Like XD Colosseum had a demo which you can find in May 2004 demo disc, unlike it there is nothing really interesting to get, but hey that's always a demo we can get in hand ...
    The files contain the 2 starters (Umbreon/Espeon) and 2 trainers Pokemon.
    Thanks @BlackShark for dumping them.




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