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PGT: DP Debug Wonder Cards .

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Diamond and Pearl Debug
In June 2019, a Japanese copy of a Debugging variant of Pokémon Diamond Version was found and subsequently dumped.
In May 2020, the source code for Diamond and Pearl was found, and the game could be compiled, with the debug features intact.

Steps to receive in debug game:
Debug Menu via R + Start (in-game) > Oono > Delivery Debug
This causes the gifts to appear in the save. While these were extracted from the debug versions of Diamond and Pearl, it should theoretically work for Platinum.

Do note that Gift 4 and 5 are notorious for crashing the game when received, and appears to be trash data.
They are included here purely for archival purposes.

Platinum Debug
It appears that the same function that gives debug cards in DP debug, is in Platinum debug, but doesn't do anything.

As usual, these files would be illegal and should not be transferred. Use at your own risk.

[We will not distribute the Debug ROM, and it is against our rules to ask for it]


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