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The author usually doesn't indulge in making fakes, but just for this time round, the author made a few edits to the a GP1 of Jigglypuff to showcase a few presently (as of 2021) unreleased details:
1. Mew from Pokémon GO in Go Park Complex in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
2. Shiny Mew from Pokémon GO in Go Park Complex in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

When GO to HOME compatibility dropped, it was immediately noticed that Mew could be sent to HOME using this method.
However, GO did not lift the restriction of Mew entering LGPE.
Given that months has passed since the compatibility dropped, and GO never did lift the restriction,
it implies that GO may never allow Mew to be transferred to LGPE.

It is to note that the Mew received via this method will be illegal, even when transferred up.


As an aside, there is no legal way to catch Mew in LGPE.
The only way to obtain a Mew legitimately, is either via purchase of the Poké Ball Plus, or via trade (with someone that has a Mew).

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