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  1. Not trading for me either
  2. Hi Kaph! Of course you are correct I am just pointing out official hack check is lacking Which amused me somewhat... I presume you'll edit PKHeX to not flag them after Bank support comes to SuMo? Thanks, Nessus.
  3. Rowlet - "Ominous Wind" marked as illegal egg move but is legal... TESTED! Can only obtain move when bred with Natu & Xatu (which cannot be transferred to SuMo at the moment) but still trades.
  4. You are 100% correct theSLAYER but it traded so I thought I'd post I'll report more anomalies if I discover any
  5. Salazzle - "Fake Out" marked as illegal egg move but is legal... TESTED
  6. Please use this thread to report moves that are flagged up as illegal but are in fact legal... PLEASE ONLY POST IF YOU HAVE TESTED YOUR POKÉMON USING "LINK TRADE" WHILE CONNECTED TO WIFI!!! (Wonder Trade has proven itself to not always be reliable for Legality checking). Nessus.
    Kaphotics is a hero of mine!
  7. It will not trade... Is this normal for this event??
  8. Do you have download proof too dude? Thanks
  9. Awaiting your response, thanks
  11. Sure it has ID 04045??