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  • Technical Documentation:
    Generation 5

    B2W2 File System

    /a/0/0/0 connection strength icons
    /a/0/0/1 unused (underground etc) 
    /a/0/0/2 text 1 -- http://stuff.veekun.com/pokemon-black-2-text-dump-part1-ja.bz2
    /a/0/0/3 text 2 -- http://stuff.veekun.com/pokemon-black-2-text-dump-part2-ja.bz2
    /a/0/0/4 sprites (pokegra)
    /a/0/0/5 basic boxes and arrow
    /a/0/0/6 move effects
    /a/0/0/7 Pokemon icons
    /a/0/0/8 models
    /a/0/0/9 (416 * various, small)
    /a/0/1/0 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/1/1 battle backgrounds, generic map textures, battle UI
    /a/0/1/2 zonedata (map association table)
    /a/0/1/3 not a narc, just data (?)
    /a/0/1/4 textures
    /a/0/1/5 edge color tables
    /a/0/1/6 personal.narc (file index information below)
    /a/0/1/7 (Pt copy) growtbl
    /a/0/1/8 level up moves
    /a/0/1/9 evolves into
    /a/0/2/0 child pokemon
    /a/0/2/1 move data
    /a/0/2/2 light blue window (communications lost with other player)
    /a/0/2/3 fonts
    /a/0/2/4 item data
    /a/0/2/5 item sprites http://turnipmints.mooo.com/~andrew/pokemon/black2_itemgra.7z
    /a/0/2/6 title screen (version, nintendo/pc logo too)
    /a/0/2/7 ui background for something
    /a/0/2/8 trading interface 
    /a/0/2/9 IR/wifi etc interface backgrounds
    /a/0/3/0 overworld hero sprites
    /a/0/3/1 overorld sprites for certain NPCs
    /a/0/3/2 wireless communication interaction & backgrounds
    /a/0/3/3 mystery gift interfaces
    /a/0/3/4 mainmenu continue background and interface
    /a/0/3/5 entralink ui sprites and background
    /a/0/3/6 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/3/7 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/3/8 more entralink related sprites and backgrounds
    /a/0/3/9 badges
    /a/0/4/0 unused? blank sprites
    /a/0/4/1 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/4/2 shared trainer profile sprites and background
    /a/0/4/3 simple shapes, likely dev & unused
    /a/0/4/4 musical prop sprites
    /a/0/4/5 musical generic sprites/background
    /a/0/4/6 musical in-musical sprites
    /a/0/4/7 same sort of thing as a/2/0/8- pokemon species and forms split up into actual index numbers
    /a/0/4/8 overworld sprites
    /a/0/4/9 cgear top bar sprites
    /a/0/5/0 single color sprites, unused
    /a/0/5/1 copy of bw1 sprites 
    /a/0/5/2 (19 * various)
    /a/0/5/3 item browsing UI backsplash
    /a/0/5/4 status/type/contact sprites (battle)
    /a/0/5/5 weather particle sprites (effects?)
    /a/0/5/6 in-game scripts
    /a/0/5/7 (25 * various, script related?) - load 28 bytes at a time, 
    /a/0/5/8 pal pad entry sprites
    /a/0/5/9 3d camera config file
    /a/0/6/0 (200 * 780 bytes)
    /a/0/6/1 (10 * 780 bytes)
    /a/0/6/2 pal pad background sprites
    /a/0/6/3 trainer sendout pokeball throw sprites
    /a/0/6/4 dev alphanumeric unused
    /a/0/6/5 move anim scripts
    /a/0/6/6 btl anim scripts
    /a/0/6/7 dev camera UI tiles
    /a/0/6/8 material/material srt anims
    /a/0/6/9 (8 * various)
    /a/0/7/0 start/X menu sprites (save/party etc)
    /a/0/7/1 trainer front sprites (trfgra)
    /a/0/7/2 trainer back sprites (trbgra)
    /a/0/7/3 BMD0 - shadow4_test
    /a/0/7/4 overworld ambient textures (grass+)
    /a/0/7/5 matrixy background and buttons
    /a/0/7/6 musical? background for some window
    /a/0/7/7 pokemon stats summary + ribbons
    /a/0/7/8 (50 * various)
    /a/0/7/9 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/8/0 (30 * various)
    /a/0/8/1 (1 * 780 bytes, another 0 byte blank)
    /a/0/8/2 UI tiles, PC box tiles, type sprites
    /a/0/8/3 small shield sprites with numbers
    /a/0/8/4 map layout tiles
    /a/0/8/5 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/0/8/6 ?? 1 file ?? - background music-related
    /a/0/8/7 inventory buttons and icons for item types
    /a/0/8/8 link tiles
    /a/0/8/9 text-related
    /a/0/9/0 text-related
    /a/0/9/1 trainer data
    /a/0/9/2 trainer poke
    /a/0/9/3 musical (?) model and background/stuff
    /a/0/9/4 move backgrounds
    /a/0/9/5 gts search room sprites/etc
    /a/0/9/6 (2 files, large and small)
    /a/0/9/7 (10 files, various)
    /a/0/9/8 item quality boxes, kinda like wondercards
    /a/0/9/9 various backgrounds (large skewed pokeball)
    /a/1/0/0 pokewood logos and ui backgrounds
    /a/1/0/1 speech bubbles and battle background (black pokeball)
    /a/1/0/2 ?? 1 file ?? 800 bytes
    /a/1/0/3 gts negotiations sprites
    /a/1/0/4 trading sub-animation for pokeball effects
    /a/1/0/5 some kind of red aurora
    /a/1/0/6 (38 * 188)
    /a/1/0/7 jigglypuff singing sprites
    /a/1/0/8 protaganist textures (professor intro)
    /a/1/0/9 (444 * 28 bytes, few bigger)
    /a/1/1/0 (25 * 4 bytes)
    /a/1/1/1 museum's book textures
    /a/1/1/2 sound/song for something musical
    /a/1/1/3 sound/song for something musical
    /a/1/1/4 sound/song for something musical
    /a/1/1/5 sound/song for something musical
    /a/1/1/6 large key item textures (magma stone, mirror, lunar wing), also mugshot backgrounds (fiery/icy winds etc), keldeo form change(281), NPC fly action animations(59,67)
    /a/1/1/7 PC box backgrounds
    /a/1/1/8 (117 * 36 bytes)
    /a/1/1/9 wifi tournament ui backgrounds?
    /a/1/2/0 bw2 keyboard layouts
    /a/1/2/1 pikachu & pachirisu wallpaper
    /a/1/2/2 breaking box texture
    /a/1/2/3 earth/water/fire mini texture
    /a/1/2/4 copy of bw1 egg moves (/a/1/2/3)
    /a/1/2/5 something with linking and unused stuff
    /a/1/2/6 overworlds (616)
    /a/1/2/7 encounters (135)
    /a/1/2/8 subway texture
    /a/1/2/9 registered item popup overlay
    /a/1/3/0 dev screenshots, useless
    /a/1/3/1 TV gelboard
    /a/1/3/2 xtransciever NPC sprites, contains a few new people https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/a132.zip
    /a/1/3/3 isshu city system
    /a/1/3/4 link sprites, nothing
    /a/1/3/5 cocoon textures
    /a/1/3/6 isshu zone system
    /a/1/3/7 battle recorder tiles
    /a/1/3/8 clay & protagonist textures
    /a/1/3/9 DS/DSi connectivity screen?
    /a/1/4/0 poketransfer sseq
    /a/1/4/1 PCbox bottom screen layout
    /a/1/4/2 poketransfer textures/tiles
    /a/1/4/3 dream world cutscene stuff
    /a/1/4/4 gts sprites
    /a/1/4/5 wireless connection screen
    /a/1/4/6 isshu dungeon system
    /a/1/4/7 isshu route/area switch system
    /a/1/4/8 moving car textures
    /a/1/4/9 (1 file, 40 bytes)
    /a/1/5/0 seasons splash
    /a/1/5/1 (3 * various xKB files)
    /a/1/5/2 wood/metal/ice textures
    /a/1/5/3 mail backgrounds
    /a/1/5/4 (48 * 1052 bytes)
    /a/1/5/5 textures gold/blue (insignificant)
    /a/1/5/6 (8 * various <1KB files)
    /a/1/5/7 pokedex tiles
    /a/1/5/8 more overworld sprites, boat textures, cutscene textures, map textures?
    /a/1/5/9 "POCKET MONSTERS BLACK/WHITE VERSION 2" tilemaps (intro cutscene / credits?)
    /a/1/6/0 dragon gym textures
    /a/1/6/1 (7 * 44 bytes)
    /a/1/6/2 bootup credits / unused copyright notice
    /a/1/6/3 in-game trades
    /a/1/6/4 (8 * 36 bytes)
    /a/1/6/5 footprint sprites (cgear?)
    /a/1/6/6 (Pt copy) pl_btdtr
    /a/1/6/7 (Pt copy) pl_btdpm
    /a/1/6/8 professor intro animation
    /a/1/6/9 trainer AI scripting
    /a/1/7/0 xtransceiver ui and static bg
    /a/1/7/1 player interaction sprites
    /a/1/7/2 (25 * 124 bytes)
    /a/1/7/3 (2 * 36 bytes)
    /a/1/7/4 map textures
    /a/1/7/5 more map textures
    /a/1/7/6 (684 * 345 bytes, 01 flags)
    /a/1/7/7 (60 * 64 bytes)
    /a/1/7/8 online win loss messages
    /a/1/7/9 less of ^
    /a/1/8/0 egg_cursor, spiral sphere
    /a/1/8/1 ??https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/screen.png ?? Seems like Mixing records screen in Union Room, wireless communications playersprites
    /a/1/8/2 isshu 3d sys
    /a/1/8/3 (6 * 50 bytes, 1 * 80 bytes)
    /a/1/8/4 closeup backgrounds when people are talking
    /a/1/8/5 vs recorder, battle point
    /a/1/8/6 demo_sinka2, white screen with black topbottom
    /a/1/8/7 water textures
    /a/1/8/8 yellowgreen ui
    /a/1/8/9 more yellowgreen ui, player interactivity sprites
    /a/1/9/0 unity tower
    /a/1/9/1 (685 * 4 bytes) definitely pokemon-related
    /a/1/9/2 itemfinder UI
    /a/1/9/3 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/anotherunk.png ??
    /a/1/9/4 (Pt copy) wifi_earth
    /a/1/9/5 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/what.png
    /a/1/9/6 more interactive UIs similar to above
    /a/1/9/7 saving game notebook animation
    /a/1/9/8 battle institute record paper
    /a/1/9/9 dex complete paper? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/dexcomplete.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/dexcomplete2.png
    /a/2/0/0 (6 * various >1KB files)
    /a/2/0/1 animated pokeball small
    /a/2/0/2 starter sprites
    /a/2/0/3 battle subway map
    /a/2/0/4 out25 bushes and flowers textures
    /a/2/0/5 ITEM_STD items split into type groups by file:  5_0: battle items, 5_1: , 5_2: , 5_3: , 5_4:
    /a/2/0/6 8 byte members- stadium trainers(last 2 bytes of member is trainer class)
    /a/2/0/7 rainbow/sparkle textures
    /a/2/0/8 index of pokemon and forms used to look up a poke's "real" index number- they're listed separated by form, though some have 2 listings even with 1 form(venusaur, meganium)
    /a/2/0/9 camera click sound..
    /a/2/1/0 some kind of trainer record
    /a/2/1/1 copy of bw1 subpoke 
    /a/2/1/2 copy of bw1 subtr 
    /a/2/1/3 hall of fame sprites
    /a/2/1/4 dream mist poof
    /a/2/1/5 ending picture montage
    /a/2/1/6 (7 * various >1KB).
    /a/2/1/7 car/truck textures
    /a/2/1/8 some UI
    /a/2/1/9 (4 * 36 bytes).
    /a/2/2/0 gamefreak logo movie (bw1 /a/2/2/5) http://turnipmints.mooo.com/~andrew/tmp/bw-gamefreak.avi
    /a/2/2/1 bw1 intro movie (/a/1/3/4) (15fps) http://turnipmints.mooo.com/~andrew/tmp/bw-movie.avi
    /a/2/2/2 intro movie (seems to be 15fps)
    /a/2/2/3 min pokemon levels (0-649)
    /a/2/2/4 pidove/woobat flying pokemon animation
    /a/2/2/5 (70 * large files) AB files
    /a/2/2/6 (93 * large files) AB files
    /a/2/2/7 (86 * 98304 compressed) screenshots? http://turnipmints.mooo.com/~andrew/tmp/black2-help.7z http://turnipmints.mooo.com/~andrew/tmp/white2-help.7z
    /a/2/2/8 battle_pocket.dat
    /a/2/2/9 small footprints without pallete
    /a/2/3/0 black error message (error has occured?)
    /a/2/3/1 (23 * pallete&?? files)
    /a/2/3/2 test effect textures
    /a/2/3/3 stage (musical?)
    /a/2/3/4 (8 * various <50b files).
    /a/2/3/5 medal
    /a/2/3/6 medal case background
    /a/2/3/7 medal case checkerflag background
    /a/2/3/8 achievement medals https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/fesmedals.rar
    /a/2/3/9 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/2/4/0 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/2/4/1 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/2/4/2 green&yellow-orange background for something
    /a/2/4/3 score bonus time up tiles
    /a/2/4/4 (13 * various files)
    /a/2/4/5 world tournament brackets sprites
    /a/2/4/6 world tournament poster~https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/worldtournament.bmp
    /a/2/4/7 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/2/4/8 (120 * 6 byte files) frontier 1 pokemon allowance?
    /a/2/4/9 (120 * <16 byte files) multiple pokemon, double?
    /a/2/5/0 1000 files, pokemon sets pretty much filled
    /a/2/5/1 (120 * 6 byte files) ...
    /a/2/5/2 (120 * <16 byte files) ...
    /a/2/5/3 pwtpoke2 - 1000 files, first bunch are for PWT (second set)
    /a/2/5/4 pwttr1, 68 files - world tournament trainer pkm choices 1v1
    /a/2/5/5 pwttr6, 68 files - world tournament trainer pkm choices 6v6
    /a/2/5/6 pwtpoke - world tournament pkm sets (first set)
    /a/2/5/7 1000 files, pokemon sets pretty much filled ~still diff
    /a/2/5/8 pwt vgc top4 event
    /a/2/5/9 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12206225/a259.png
    /a/2/6/0 elevator/gate textures
    /a/2/6/1 1000 files, only 370 with data (pkm sets)
    /a/2/6/2 661 files, 44/24/10 bytes ~ pkm choices from above sets ^?
    /a/2/6/3 wbt textures (battle tournament)
    /a/2/6/4 homika (roxie)'s gym speaker texture
    /a/2/6/5 world tournament backgrounds
    /a/2/6/6 more world tournament bg
    /a/2/6/7 trainer mugshots
    /a/2/6/8 (117 * various <100b files)
    /a/2/6/9 (41 * 1688 bytes, +1 1536 byte)
    /a/2/7/0 ~new record, timed people interaction? hexagonal background+
    /a/2/7/1 pokewood
    /a/2/7/2 (41 * ~100b files)
    /a/2/7/3 hidden hollows
    /a/2/7/4 pokewood animated cell movies
    /a/2/7/5 (185 * various files)
    /a/2/7/6 shibu/hasu/nami textures (insignificant)
    /a/2/7/7 IR battle tiles
    /a/2/7/8 aku_fire, aku_kage, aku_tume textures (insignificant)
    /a/2/7/9 starry night textures
    /a/2/8/0 shauntal room textures (fires)
    /a/2/8/1 marshal room textures
    /a/2/8/2 (32 * various, 48 0b)
    /a/2/8/3 ?? 1 file ??
    /a/2/8/4 more texture tiles
    /a/2/8/5 c-gear people background
    /a/2/8/6 small insignificant textures
    /a/2/8/7 c-gear textures and default background
    /a/2/8/8 stairwell textures
    /a/2/8/9 lists of pokemon by type~pokedex search by type
    /a/2/9/0 champion's room textures, and mark-medals?
    /a/2/9/1 trfgra (trainer battle sprites)
    /a/2/9/2 elesa gym textures
    /a/2/9/3 multicolor pokewood logo poster
    /a/2/9/4 pokewood mini posters for each unique character
    /a/2/9/5 textures of water pokemon caricatures
    /a/2/9/6 in-pokedex route encounter lists?
    /a/2/9/7 undersea tunnel overview and poster
    /a/2/9/8 insignificant texture (really not)
    /a/2/9/9 N riding zekrom/reshiram
    /a/3/0/0 weather particles (leaf/flake/flower/leaf)
    /a/3/0/1 regi floor textures
    /a/3/0/2 copy of bw1 personal.narc (/a/0/1/6)
    /a/3/0/3 firework texture
    /a/3/0/4 glowing virizion/terrakion/cobalion textures
    /a/3/0/5 2 effect texture, another 13640b file)
    /a/3/0/6 (copy of bw1 /a/2/1/9) (legendary stone effect & pokeball)


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