5th Generation Wonder Card Map

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Gift Data

Offset Description
0x00-0x01 Trainer ID Number, Item Number, Power Type
0x02-0x03 Secret ID Number
0x04 Hometown

00 - Game Received In
01 - Hoenn(Sapphire)
Values follow in standard order through 21

0x05-0x07 Unused
0x08-0x0B PID

Unset = 00000000

0x0C Primary Ribbons

Ribbon data available below.

0x0D Secondary Ribbons

Ribbon data available below.

0x0E PokéBall
0x0F Unused
0x10-0x11 Held Item
0x12-0x13 Move ID #1
0x14-0x15 Move ID #2
0x16-0x17 Move ID #3
0x18-0x19 Move ID #4
0x1A-0x1B PokéDex Number
0x1C Unused
0x1D Language

00 for Game Received In

0x1E-0x33 Pokémon Nickname

(0x32-0x33 FF FF terminated)
If no nickname, all FF.

0x34 Nature

FF - Unset

0x35 Pokémon Gender

00 - Male
01 - Female
02 - Random

0x36 Pokémon Ability

00 - Ability 1
01 - Ability 2
02 - Dream World Ability
03 - RND(Abil1, Abil2)
04 - RND(Abil1, Abil2, AbilDW)

0x37 Shiny Toggle

00 - Not Shiny
01 - Allow Shiny
02 - Generate Shiny PID
Shows Shiny Pokemon on Card

0x38-0x39 Egg Met Location
0x3A-0x3B Met Location of Pokémon
0x3C Level - unused(?)
0x3D-0x42 Contest Stats

Last byte is Sheen

0x43-0x48 IVs

FFs for unset IVs

0x49 Unused
0x4A-0x59 OT Name
0x5A OT Gender

00 - Male
01 - Female
03 - Recipient's Gender

0x5B Level(random if set to 0)
0x5C Egg Flag

00 - Is Not Egg
01 - Is Egg

0x5D-0x5F Unused

Card Data

Offset Description
0x60-0xA9 Card Title
0xAA-0xAB Unknown
0xAC-0xAF Date Card Received
0xB0-0xB1 Card ID
0xB2 "Card From" Location
0xB3 Card Type [Color]

01 - Pokémon [Blue]
02 - (Key) Item [Pink]
03 - Power [Yellow]

0xB4 Gift Status: Used / Unused

00 - Repeatable gift
01 - Unused
03 - Used

0xB5-0xCB Unused

Ribbon Sets

These are the values for each ribbon byte:

Flag Value 0x0C 0x0D
0x01 Country Ribbon Special Ribbon
0x02 National Ribbon Memorial Ribbon
0x04 Earth Ribbon Wish Ribbon
0x08 World Ribbon Battle Champ Ribbon
0x10 Classic Ribbon Regional Champ Ribbon
0x20 Premiere Ribbon National Champ Ribbon
0x40 Event Ribbon World Champ Ribbon
0x80 Birthday Ribbon No Ribbon(Empty)

First Appearance in the Memory

The Wonder Cards do appear in the active memory while the game is running, however there are certain things that are set in addition to the card data in addition to it being in two locations.

The cards appear in the region of 0x0226BE30-0x0226C87F in Black, and 0x0226BE50-0x0226C89F for White. Card data is unencrypted when viewing, but encrypted at all other times. Each card is separated by 220 bytes of data.

Memory Offsets of each Card when viewing, including the leading 4 bytes:

Card # Offset (Black) Offset (White)
1 0x0226BE30 0x0226BE50
2 0x0226BF0C 0x0226BF2C
3 0x0226BFE8 0x0226C008
4 0x0226C0C8 0x0226C0E8
5 0x0226C1A4 0x0226C1C4
6 0x0226C280 0x0226C2A0
7 0x0226C35C 0x0226C37C
8 0x0226C438 0x0226C458
9 0x0226C514 0x0226C534
10 0x0226C5F0 0x0226C610
11 0x0226C6CC 0x0226C6EC
12 0x0226C7A8 0x0226C7C8

The card is preceded by 4 bytes, in which the first is 1 to indicate that there is a card present in that slot, being 0 when a card is not present.

Meaning Data
Card Present 0x00000001
No Card Present 0x00000000

The card data is then present, byte for byte for the entire 204 bytes.

After the card data, there are 4 bytes (pointer?).

Card # Trash Value (Black) Trash Value (White)
1 0x0226CAA4 0x0226CAC4
2 0x0226CD88 0x0226CDA8
3 0x0226D06C 0x0226D08C
4 0x0226D350 0x0226D370
5 0x0226D388 0x0226D3A8
6 0x0226D3C0 0x0226D3E0
7 0x0226D3F8 0x0226D418
8 0x0226D430 0x0226D450
9 0x0226D468 0x0226D488
10 0x0226D4A0 0x0226D4C0
11 0x0226D4D8 0x0226D4F8
12 0x02270248 0x02270268

There are then 8 unused bytes (all 00), leading up to the next card.

Second Appearance in the Memory

The second appearance of the unencrypted card data while viewing is varied based on the number of cards currently on the save. Since it has not been tested whether or not active/inactive gifts may change the locations, trash all used cards before using any memory codes.

Cards and the surrounding data follow the first appearance's format.

Kaphotics' Test Card 1 Memory Location of N Cards [Stop at (N) cards]:

Black:  02277F20(1 card) +58C(2c) +590(3) +58C(4) +2E8(5) +2E4(6) +2E8(7) +2E4(8) [9-12 still testing]
White: 02277F40(1 card) +58C(2c) +590(3) +58C(4) +2E8(5) +2E4(6) +2E8(7) +2E4(8) [9-12 still testing]

Card 2 = Card 1 Memory + 420
Card n = Card 1 Memory + 5020 + (n-3)*4C34 || Number of cards: 13>n>2

For other DS's (with different MAC addresses) the 1st location is the same but the rest follow different additive constants between cards.

The second appearances will appear in the block range of 0x02270000-0x022AFFFF.