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    PKHeX 19.05.15


    PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games.  With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types.  PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files.

    Version 19.05.15 of PKHeX has been released with improved legality checking, new features, minor changes and some bug fixes.



    Change log:


     - Legality:
     - - Added: Initial support for complete savefile cross-comparison checks. Control click the Checksums button in the SAV tab.
     - - Added: shiny check for Ash Greninja edge case. Thanks @WardenUnleashed & @DaWoblefet!
     - - Added: VC transfer nature checks (gained no/little XP after transfer). Thanks @SadisticMystic
     - - Fixed: B2W2 French OT in-game trade name. Thanks @WEERSOQUEER!
     - - Fixed: Gen1 Machoke catch rate forced value is now correct. Thanks @Ninjistix!
     - Added: Gen7 LGPE wb7full drag&drop support. Thanks @ReignOfComputer!
     - Added: Gen4 DPPt Poffin Editor. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Changed: Colo/XD Fateful Encounter flags are now detected differently. Thanks @ReclaimerShawn & @ijuintekka!
     - Fixed: Gen7 LGPE Mystery Gift flags are now set properly. Thanks @CanoeHope!
     - Fixed: Gen1->2 transfer no longer throws errors. Thanks Maddaren!
     - Fixed: Box Wallpaper editor now loads the correct backgrounds. Thanks yajegamer!

    Download      |     FAQ     |     Support Forum

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    Bug fixes and some new implementations is everything i got from this. good work! ^ ^


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