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  • PID Mismatch - Origin Game SV [How to generate legal PK9 from Tera Raid]

    This guide to resolve any issues users get when they try to change their stats of Pokémon from Gen 9 Raids.
    We are against the use of cheating at the expenses of unaware players. Do not use any edited Pokémon online!


    The reason why people get various unable to match an encounter messages, is because they did not modify the Pokémon correctly.

    In Generation 9, due to an in-depth understanding of how the pseudo-random number generator (RNG) works, the Personality Value (PID - which among other things determines a Pokémon Shinyness) for Raid Pokémon is tied to various others values related to the Pokémon generation procedure in-game, such as Individual Values (IVs), Gender, Ability slot, Nature etc.

    Legality checkers can tell whether the stat correlations are valid.



    1. Launch Tera Finder, either as a PKHeX plugin or as a standalone app.
    2. Click on the Raid Calculator button (if using Tera Finder as PKHeX plugin, it's located under Tools -> Tera Finder Plugin -> Tera Raid Viewer/Editor -> Raid Calculator).

      Fields Explanation:
      • Seed - Raids in Scarlet & Violet are determined by a 32bit RNG seed, which the game uses to generate Pokémon details/stats and Raid Rewards based on its internal Encounter/Reward tables. Encounter Species, Raid Stars, Rewards, IVs, Nature etc are all tied to the Seed.
      • Content - The Raid Content Type. Different Content Types have different encounter tables. Standard is for 1-5 Stars raids from the base Game. Black is for 6 Stars raids from the base game. Event is for 1-5 Stars raids from Raid Events/Poké Portal News. Event-Mighty is for Unrivaled 7 Stars Raids from Raid Events/Poké Portal News.
      • Show All Results - If disabled, stop the search after the first result that matches the filters. Ignored if no filter is set.
      • Game Info - Save File infos. The encounters can be different based on those infos. Particularly, the Game Version and the Game Progress differentiate the species available. TID and SID will determine PID mutations for Shinyness. If a Save File is loaded into the program, those fields are filled with data from the Save File itself and can not be modified. If no Save File is loaded, users can edit the Game Info fields at their will.
      • Event Index - This field is used only by Event and Event-Mighty Raids. Each Poké Portal News has up to 10 different Delivery Group IDs. These IDs are known as Event Index, and they're responsible, among other things, to the Species determination. When a Save File is loaded or a Remote Device is connected, Tera Finder does its best to determine a proper Event Index based on the currently selected Raid in the Viewer/Editor window. Users can eventually manually input a different Index for the calculations, if they desire so, but please do note that this modification will not take any effect to the Raid Editor. If using the Raid Calculator without a Save File loaded / Remote Device connected, users have to input the correct Event Index by themselves. This is usually either 0, 1 or 2.
      • Filters - Pretty self explainatory. Users must set filters based on the wanted Result they want. EC serves for Tandemouse and Dunsparce form determination upon their evolution. The EC % 100 = 0 option will make them to evolve into Maushold Family-Of-Three and Dudunsparce Three-Segment.
    3. Set Content, Filters and the Game Info based on the result you want.
      • The Game Progress determines the Stars tiers available as follows:
        Unlocked Tera Raids: Stars tiers available: 1-2.
        Unlocked 3 Stars: Stars tiers available: 1-2-3.
        Unlocked 4 Stars: Stars tiers available: 1-2-3-4.
        Unlocked 5 Stars: Stars tiers available: 3-4-5.
        Unlocked 6 Stars: Stars tiers available: 3-4-5-6.
      • Event Data is loaded from a loaded Save file. If no valid event data is detected, the tool can not generate Event or Event-Mighty raids. Users can eventually import Event Raids (known as Poké Portal News) with the Poké Portal News Importer.
      • Check this page to see the available encounters in the base rom for each Stars tier, or this page for the event encounters.
      • If you're searching for Shinies and you want to keep your TID and SID, set your Trainer details properly in the Game Info section.
    4.  Set a Max Calc amount (waiting times for the calculations will be higher depending on that amount; an higher amount will increase the chance to find the wanted results) and click Search. Wait for the calculations to finish. If there are no results, either the encounter you're requesting is not possible at all, or you'll have to increase the Max Calcs amount.
      There are scenarios where the stats you want would be impossible. Learn to adapt to such scenarios.
    5. Once you found a viable result, select (left click) the seed you want, right click over it to open the option menu, and select one of the following option:
      • Send Selected Result to PKM Editor (option available only if using the PKHeX plugin) to have a legal PK9 sent to the PKHeX window:


      • Save Selected Result as PK9 to export a legal PK9 file, then import it to the PKHeX window by Drag & Drop:



    6. You should now have a legal Pokémon with the wanted stats. Enjoy!!


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