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  1. Is it possible to make PKHeX read from file and set all of the Pokemon in the boxes via text file with minimal error checking? It would just make it easier to do mass edits to boxes.
  2. I want delete all my victory vs elite four, and delete my hall of fame, possible ?
  3. You could release the stats editing in PKHex, not the issue of IVS and EVS but the stats in general pokemon. Thank you for attention
  4. could you implement the have all bottum on the item section?
  5. Hello! I will try to explain me, but I'm spanish and maybe I use some bad words I think that PKHEX is wonderful but maybe I miss some features, One of them is the button that you can see in PokeGen, wich allows you to use your own TID/SID of your savegame. You push the button and automatically the poke gets your TID/SID/OT. Other feature that I think that could be interesting is, "mass" editor, I mean: You choose 5/6/7/8/9... (Or an entire box) and you can change the Level for all (for example), or the Country for all... This feature can be "injected" on the main program or maybe in the Box Data Report and edit in this place. I hope that you consider these features Thanks for reading and sorry for my English
  6. Hi, can you add the possibility to change the number of secret base's flags that you have in ORAS?
  7. Will you add the function that to change the adventure start time? I tried to edit it in advance mode with CyberGadget,but it didn't work. Maybe I didn't find the correct address.(0x1804-0x1807) Do you have any idea? Thanks
  8. I'm not entirely sure if that's the correct way it's done. But here's a video from last year (This was before the 1.3 patch in Pokemon X/Y FYI): The thing that intrigued me at the time was the fact that "SleepyJirachi" apparently modified PkHeX so that he could use an Egg in battle. I'm not entirely sure how it's done, but it looks like something as simple as just setting "Egg" as the species while creating/editing a pokemon. It appears to have it's own set of stats and typing (apparently it's a normal type). What it's normal move set and ability is is unknown to me at this point as it's always seen with custom move sets from the few videos I've seen it used in. (I will attempt to add Egg as a wild pokemon encounter via RSWE after editing source code. I think I may have found how to do this. But won't know if it worked until I get my flashcart next week) Interestingly, The RSTE program (the version that has the randomization feature anyway) allows me to set "Egg" as one of the pokemon a trainer encounter will have. I find that kinda of odd... So my request is to add the ability to set "Egg" as the species while in illegal mode. There's really no harm in doing this at this point as X/Y and ORAS will not allow them to be used online anymore. Not even sure if Egg can be created like this in ORAS since SleepyJirachi has yet to show his special egg in ORAS. But X/Y definitely had this pokemon. (lol I wonder what egg group "egg" is in. ) Sure it's a novelty, but it would just be awesome as hell to bring an Egg to the Battle Maison or perhaps even bring it to a contest. Or something more insane....breeding Egg at the daycare. I've looked at the source code and am trying to do this myself, but the source code isn't yielding it's secrets and SleepyJirachi doesn't seem willing to give up his secrets just yet either. If it's decided this isn't a viable feature, could someone please PM me on details on how to add this myself? I'm sure SleepyJirachi isn't the only person who has done this. Perhaps was even done via manually editing the save file. Which if I know where to look, I can see this as a viable method for me to get what I want. I currently have Visual Studio 2010 Express downloading. I am to assume that's what I need to compile PkHeX as this program is mentioned in the the PkHeX.sln file and the readme.md file. If SleepyJirachi was able to do it, (whom I assume didn't have much C# experience either), then I'm pretty sure I can as well as long as I know where look.
  9. Hello there, in ORAS is a second daycare center and I would suggest a tab to read the data from it. It works the same way the first daycare does with 0x211F0 as location.
  10. Hi, I think it would be a cool addition if we added an egg shiny value/ trainer shiny value checker to PkHeX. It's a cool feature for people that still want to breed shinies. Thanks, -Nii
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