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  1. How to know if an event's pokemon is exactly a region locked one? I surfed event gallery and there's no much information about it. And You mentioned the pk's name can be game saved language, except the Ash-Greninja. Is there any flag in wondercard files tells us if the event is region locked, or the pk's name should be displayed the same as Wondercard Language?
  2. And how about the ball? It seems that the Celebi from Crystal version will be transferred with a normal poke ball, even though it catched by a master ball. So the Kyogre catched in Emerald shoud be transferred with poke ball, right?
    The Kyogre and Groudon's met level should be 70, isn‘t it?(Box 14)
  3. The offset of my Y is 0x1FFFF but not 0x19FFF (with saveEditor2) I'd rather know why?
  4. The OT's name changed automatically when I tried changing the date. It's Pokemon Y.
  5. Will you add the function that to change the adventure start time? I tried to edit it in advance mode with CyberGadget,but it didn't work. Maybe I didn't find the correct address.(0x1804-0x1807) Do you have any idea? Thanks
  6. I think it's in address 1804-1807 I tried to change But it doesn't work
  7. I transfered some pokemons from the Poke-Bank.(Diamond--->Black--->X/Y) And found that the "Encounter" for GenIV(such as Diamond) is not complete. The one I caught in water can not be showed,and an error occurred. By the way,Here is the encounter list from PokeGen. and this one is from PKHex.
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