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  1. Just wondering if anyone is knows the offset for can gmax??
  2. Yup I go into that then it brings up the list of dens and then there is a dump and save button. Just not sure how to edit and inject back in. After importing the 4 files i load your normal encounter program and it shows everything fine but when i go into Leanny's plugin and click on the specific den that i have modified for an event, I get the following error. It also reverts back to milcrey when in game as well
  3. So when i load up my RomFs and ExeFs in pkNX and then i go into raids i can dump the den i want, then i get the txt files in the dumps folder. How to i edit these and inject them back into the rom??
  4. Just a tip for anyone trying to use leanny's plugin make sure you create a plugin folder in your pkhex directory and put the .dll in that. Then the bit that most get stuck on right click the .dll file and select properties and tick unblock at the bottom of the general tab. It does state this on the github but most miss it..
  5. Thanks so much So checked some values for chance and going off the species mentioned on the first page 1260 08 it was 12F0 02 and the value was 0A which i converted back to decimal which is 10. All clicking thanks..
  6. of course makes sense and is that hex decimal as well?? and do the 6 5* mon have to equal 100% combined or can they all be 100%
  7. oh I just saw catch rate in the exel doc with the offsets you posted.. thats where i was getting catch rate from
  8. Ok thanks Slayer I have worked it all out now, can understand the offset and hex conversion. 2 things I am stuck on I know the force square shiny is 02. Just wondering what the catch rate is? Is it straight percent? So I put 99 and it's 99% or does that have to be converted to hexadecimal as well? The second thing is can I control the IV's? Or is that just that normal 5 star so 4-5 perfect IV's?
  9. Yup pkhex version 09/02/2020 from memory I am using..I updated yesterday. So I edited that same offset you use on the first page of the other thread, offset 1260 column 08/09. I imported the 4 back in. Then went to raids and turned some I knew the position of into event raids and active. Plus the randroll i put to 99. I opened it in the normal encounter program and it came up with melmetal in the first row. I'll still have to reroll though yeah? Am I right in saying from the offset used it will be position 6?
  10. what are the block keys to import on for the other 3?
  11. thanks! EDIT - so just download the toxtricity event?
  12. nope its my cfw switch, will that be a problem?
  13. Ok i load PkHex and then go into Block Data, I then change the block key to KnormalEncount (event raids). It then has Block key : AD9DFA6A length 000023D4 But when i go to export the block and open it in HxD it only has the first 3 values of the first column with data, the rest of the .bin is 00 Which from seeing the previous screen shots of the app, you both posted, there is a lot more data then that. Anyone know why?
  14. It's out to the public now anyway.. Slayer - is the any tutorials for pknx and Rom hacking, so I can host mewtwo etc? I won't actually go inking but use it over lan-play ad I don't really trust online. Plus chaosPKM is getting a lot of attention from mainstream media.. Anywhere I could get a more in-depth tutorial?
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