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  1. Is there a way to make all Pokémon the same level in let’s go?
  2. Hello, anyone know why I can set my hatch counter to 1 but it changes back to 0 once I set the egg in the box? That 0 counter takes so long to hatch IMG_6723.MOV
  3. I’m sorry this reply took so long and I hope you have figured it out by now but yes!
  4. So do I need to actually purchase the dlc? Because the game Itself is updated and I have saved and backed up since the dlc? I did have to purchase the dlc. Lol. It works now. Thank you!
  5. New Pokémon and moves are not showing up in my pkhex. I have downloaded the latest version. Any ideas?
  6. I log into their home account and drop them. Basically put their account on your switch. Go through the home intro on their profile and save and exit. Open the game on their profile and just play through that first save right before the little intro video plays. Close game. Go into check point and restore your file into their account. Go back into home in their account and just drag and drop. This does require trust because people have to give you their Nintendo email and password. I have a Facebook group with a lot of customers who have let me do it.
  7. Okay, both of your suggestions actually worked. I can now load a whole box of saved mons. However, it’s still showing “blank save file” at the top and I’m still not able to export
  8. Yea, I know I’m doing something wrong... I just don’t know what? I load pkhex, it loads just fine. I work on a single Pokémon. I save it, and drag it into the app and it loads just fine. I load a few mons into a box, go over to SAV click save box data++ click no to export box one. Save to the bak folder, drag and drop to the pkhex app... click “run”... and then that’s when I get that error message.
  9. I’m not trying to import anything. I’m trying to make sure I can save a box of mons to eventually import onto a hacked switch. I extracted the zip file, dragged and dropped the file into pkhex and still keep getting the same error message. I’m also wondering why I don’t even have an export option in pkhex itself (it’s grayed out). But anyway, I appreciate you guys trying to help. Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually!
  10. So, I downloaded what I’m pretty sure is the latest version of pkhex (clicked download on the home page). I may have to post an actual video of what it’s doing to best explain. But basically, I can open pkhex just fine, I can save and open and individual Pokémon just fine... I just can’t open a saved box and I don’t have the option to export.
  11. Trying to use it for sword and shield.
  12. Hey guys, I am new to pkhex, there are 0 up to date tutorials out there. Anyway, I am unable to export, I cannot open a saved box I get error messages. Anyone got any ideas?
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