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  1. I'm no a programer nor a hacker but I'm thinking what would it takes to remake this mechine. software wise, it seems to have a modified pokemon rom that only had a single function, to display a pokemon until a another rom is detected and wound start a transfering animation, give the pokemon on a available party slot and loop back to a static screen from the beginning. Hardware wise, it has a TV, connected to a SNES or a N64 or any other device that can connect the modified cartridge or a modified rom, a way to connect the modded game with the authentic game cartridge thought the cartridge slot and a way to send commands (a controller) it could be a modded SNES controller, power source and the best attempt of the whole casing! Why do I post this? Because finding one seems useless but seeing it in action once again could be something special (and if you have a game related store, you can display it as a free celebi) It could be made with a raspberry pi zero running a gbc rom on a AV signal to a small old TV with an adruino as a way to connect a real cartridge to the raspberry pi zero and have it all running on a casing the most similar to the Celebi Mechine!
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