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  1. yup I did exactly that on gen 3 4 and 5 pokemon and pkhex instantly froze. thanks again for your reply! edit : I found out that holding shift and click star did work for some older gen pokemon but only with some particular sid (with tsv around 28xx) pkhex won't freeze and they turned ultra shiny but needed to fix pid mismatch with pokefinder
  2. thanks. but what's with the freezing? it's keep happening to pokemon from before gen 6 when I editing them to be ultra shiny
  3. I used suloku WISHMKR shiny Jirachi files and found out that none of them are ultra shiny. So I tried to make them ultra shiny but pkhex kept freezing. What should I do?
  4. How do you repeat it? I only got 1 from the first box shift but no more from the same method. What did I miss?
  5. If I create Meltan in swsh and leave the tracker blank then put it in home it will be safer, right? better than edit the one with the value?
  6. I transfered 3 Drampas from US to home and then to sword and open the save file in pkhex. These Drampas have the same home tracker but different last 2 digits. But these digits cannot be manually change, right? What should I do if I wanna create 2 Meltans and 2 Melmetal?
  7. Not sure if I'm right but shouldn't modest amped form toxtricity be considered illegal since its form is nature based? Also setting met level of this pokemon at 60 is somehow illegal but 50 doesn't. and yes I'm using the most recent version
  8. Jabberwock

    pkhex help

    I can use Pkhex now, thanks! The solution was just to copy a Main file to pc not the whole folder. Luckily, I don't have problem restoring the save file. Thanks again for your replies.
  9. Jabberwock

    pkhex help

    lol thanks a lot. it never eject itself though. I used the same card reader for usum it was perfectly fine. I'll try using new sd.
  10. Jabberwock

    pkhex help

    I did but didn't remember what it said, so just did it again.
  11. Jabberwock

    pkhex help

    Hello I've followed every step of save file exporting using checkpoint for switch but keep getting this message trying to open Main file on pc. Can somebody tell me where did I go wrong? btw checkpoint and pkhex is the lastest ver and my switch is using atmosphere.
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