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  1. Forgot to answer your first question. No, HOME tracker codes cannot be manually changed. HOME assigns Pokemon a unique code and stores it in their servers and if you manually change it, HOME won't recognize them anymore as the codes won't match. This could (I don't really know) get you banned as your previous gen Pokemon can only reach SW/SH through HOME, raising the question "How did it get there?" It can't just spawn in SW/SH out of nowhere. BTW, you can find Drampas in Shield, no need to import them from previous gen games.
  2. You need a copy of Pokemon Let's Go Eevee / Pikachu and Pokemon Go
  3. That's exactly what I said. Tracker codes are only assigned to Pokemon transferred to the Pokemon HOME app. The purpose of my post was a different one, I was trying to explain that after doing some research, I've discovered that the offsprings of legit Pokemon that went trough HOME do not have a tracker code even though their parent does. So, basically I got a perfectly legit Bulbasaur born in Galar that never went through HOME and thus has no tracking code, same as the legit offspring of my fake Rowlet. I even went the extra mile and transferred both offsprings to HOME to see whether they'd be accepted as legit and everything went well! Long story short, you can make a ton of clones of previous gens non-legendary Pokemon without having to go through HOME and they'll still be seen by the app as legit.
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to share a little research I've been doing regarding the newly discovered problem with the unique HOME tracker code Pokemon are given when transferred from a previous gen through Pokemon Home and then to Sword / Shield. I do not own a Nintendo DS or 3DS and therefore cannot transfer previous gen mons (besides gen 1 from Let's go eevee / pikachu) to SW/SH, so I tried a little something to test the new Pokemon HOME app. I transfered a 100% legal Venusaur from my Let's Go Pikachu to Sword and it was automatically assigned a unique HOME Tracker code. I brought it at a nursery and bred it with a ditto. At the same time, I generated a rowlet from Sun & Moon (which I do not own) in my Sword copy using PKHex and of course, didn't get any HOME tracker code. I also brought it at a nursery and bred it with a ditto. I did this to understand whether the offspring would have any sort of HOME tracker code. Although I had already expected rowlet not to have any, I thought that maybe bulbasaur would have one since its parent was legitimately obtained from a previous game and went through Pokemon HOME. However, it didn't have any tracker code, just like the fake rowlet. What does this mean? It seems that non-legendary pokemon from previous gens - whether or not they were transferred through Pokemon Home or created using PKHex - give you offsprings without any HOME tracker code and they're perfectly legal, they don't need one as they were born in the galar region. The real problem though is with legendary ones as they cannot breed...
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