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  1. There is one tiny mistake in the Pokemon Changes. You changed Cofagrigus' type to ghost/steel (awesome!) but it is not mentioned at the begining of document. Thanks for fixing berry glitches!
  2. Yep. I spotted them. Too bad "Lance"'s Dragonite doesn't have Barrier Edit: One minor inconvienience I found: Pokemon Abilities changes and level-up changes are in two different rtf files. I merged those two myself, but it took me a lot of time, tough.
  3. Haha! I think I remember now, I had a similar problem when I was editing trainers in my HG/ss.... right, that's a bug. Good explanation, though BTW, I just realised that the first trainer in Opecluid Gym has the same Pokemon as Lance in gen I. Nice in-joke
  4. I think I might have found a bug. One of the Ace Trainers on rt.8 doesn't talk after battle. other people on this route seem to be normal.
  5. Sweet Arceus, this is great. Earth power and Aura Sphere everywhere. Wow. Slowpoke line now has drizzle - I haven't thought about that - that makes perfect sense (according to anime). And the rematch system - amazing. However, I see few problems: Both aerial Ace and Faint attack are now 70 power, so it makes them useless for Pokemon with Technician. Sad. And Magnemite line lost Levitate. ;_; Oh well, it is a great hack anyway
  6. Oh sweet I hope I will be able to continue playing with mu current save.
  7. I would like to thank you for a great, great hack. This is definitely the best version of Pokemon I've ever played. Do you have any other plans for next versions, after 2.0.5?
  8. I was wondering if someone has created generator for QR codes for Pokemon TCG online, so you wouldn't have to buy the packs. Has anyone tried cracking that codes before?
  9. Nope, it doesn't work. Still showing "This is not a Pokemon save file!" Edit: Sorry, I just had to post this. Save files. How do they work? Well, good that it works for you, because my PMGE still thinks this is not a Pokémon save.... Good for you. Guess what message I get? Okay. I tried almost every method possible. Online converts, offline converts, exporting memory, opening in pokegen and saving, both for 512 and 256 versions and NONE of them works. I either get "This is not a Pokemon save file", or the ridiculous message I posted before. I have no freaking idea why does this keep happening to me. Oh, and by the way, I cannot upload dsv saves for some reason. b-pokemonb.zip
  10. A! Of course! I think this is the other player's Black City/White Forest, when you go this place while in High Link. When you connect your game to someone's other game, that other game sends its list to the right table and you ca visit other player's place. ...at least I think that's what it's for.
  11. frnt trainers and back trainers? Who do you mean exactly?
  12. Hmm.... Now that is interesting. in the High link forest there are 7 areas ............. Bck Top........... CTR Left........CTR.....CTR Rght FR LEft........FRONT....Fr Rght .............entrance......... But there are 3 more areas in PokeCGear, called Back, Back left and back right. It seems that they wanted to make HL forest look like this: ......X...... X.....X.....X X.....X.....X X.....X.....X Or maybe I'm missing something? Are there more rooms when you go into high link? Edit: Wait a minute, this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBLuk6PrBBI has 10 rooms... Edit2 Oh, and one more error M@T, button "Insert" should be called "Copy", because that's what it does
  13. Well, I did that because when I see "Backpacker Emi", I don;t want to constantly remember which Pokemon does he have. There are many areas in High Link Forest and apparently Pokemon may appear in different areas. Oh, and you made a mistake - on the front page it's not "Ability" (Abl), it's Attack. You cannot change the Dream World ability. Oh, BTW, can I post a link to your translated Cgear onto Polish Pokemon forum? I've just written an aticle about pokecgear there.
  14. There is a better way to do it. Download Pokestock v2 - http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?12536-PokeStock-BW-%282-0-%29&p=110789 and you can modify your dream world pokemon with their attacks.
  15. Well, I translated a litle bit of the lists - here are Pokemon list, their moves, abilities and list of trainers that appear in Black City/White Forest. Substitute it with files from /POKEMAIN folder. Finally something can be undarstood! BTW the rest of files in this folder are mostly some pokemon accesories, like cushions, mats, desks, you name it. TecMst2.txt CharMst2.txt T_BWTown.txt PokeMst2.txt
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