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  1. On 12/14/2021 at 10:04 PM, nein said:



    I'm curious to know if you have any intentions of adding the following features to the game:

    1) Starter evolution available immediately after having access to Luminous Spring (currently you have to defeat darkrai before you can evolve starters in the main game).


    2) Luminous Spring is available automatically to the player at the beginning of the game and they can evolve any pokemon as long as the required conditions are met.


    If you don't plan on adding these features to the game, where will be the best place to request guidance on how to implement one of these features using sky temple?  

    I don't plan on adding these features as you mention them, however I may have found a way of dealing with early evolution for some starters, but rebalancing the game around them will be significantly harder for sure.

  2. 1 hour ago, mr ki said:

    Is there a new way to recruit Phione, Heatran and Shaymin in this hack other than getting their shinies in Destiny Tower? I've already unlocked Marine Resort and I still haven't been able to recruit them.

    In 1.2, Phione is recruited in Deep Miracle Sea in even floors (1, 3, 5F)
    Heatran is recruited in Giant Volcano in even Floors after 30F (31, 33, 35, 37, 39F)
    Shaymin is recruitable in Time-Leap Garden in the second last floor (I think it's 31F ?)
    But in next version they no longer are available by this mean: Phione is available in Miracle Seabed once again, Heatran has his own new dungeon and Shaymin too.


    1 hour ago, Roxas915 said:

    do you have a timeframe for when version 1.3 might release? I would like to have fairy types added at the start of my playthrough, so I just wanna know if I should be patient for a while longer or if I should just go ahead and start playing without them. 

    You should definitely be patient ! The update is planned for fall 2021, and it's worth the wait I'd say !

  4. 3 hours ago, Roxas915 said:

    Is this compatible with the Sky Editor? I am changing the starters and the portraits for my two starters, but the editor doesnt seem to want to work with this patch, and im really inexperienced with this kind of stuff. i was able to get both to work individually. Do I need to patch a standard US version first, and then use the editor on the patched rom? 

    You can use SkyTemple for this purpose, it does exactly the same thing as SkyEditor but the process is no more tedious

  5. 15 hours ago, adonis said:

    Is it  simple thing to change for a normie like me and what would I need to change 

    Hmm not really. If you have Discord could you join SkyTemple's discord and dm me your save file from here ? (Mooooooooond 💫#0805) I'll change that for you 👀

    6 hours ago, ABZB said:

    Yeah :) The current version works for gens III-VII

    Your scalemons patch inspired someone I know to implement this mode as an option to his game haha

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  6. 11 hours ago, adonis said:

    what about if i used my save from the regular game and just transfered it should i release cresselia and than re recruit

    Unfortunately I've considered the save migration thing too late when it comes to unlocking dungeons, so you can't without changing the game by yourself currently

    In 1.3 there's an automated process for that but in 1.2 it's not present yet

  7. 15 hours ago, adonis said:

    This rom hack is great but how do I unlock the new dungeons like tomb of nightmares 

    Tomb of Nightmares is unlocked after you beat Darkrai at the end of the story, when you recruit Cresselia if I remember correctly

    In 1.3, you unlock this dungeon along with a fully new dungeon called "Altar of Dreams" when you talk to Cresselia

    About Tower of Demise, Fallen Star Remains and Mirage Island, they are unlocked after beating Darkrai, in 1.3 like in 1.2

    If you wonder about Worldcore, this dungeon will no longer exist in 1.3, you'll see where the boss rush was moved 👀

    I'm glad you enjoy the game, and I hope you'll like the 1.3 update in preparation 👀

  8. 5 minutes ago, Lavon said:

    Thank you for the exhaustive answer. 

    Yes i' m very excited to play 1, 3, in fact i' m waiting for it, insterad of starting the 1,2, and not only because of alolan vulpix - the of course i I chose. I played Skyes so much time, that I wanted to change, that  is the only reason why I asked if there would be Espurr as an option. But i think I can do with chikorita, That i never played in my time, Especially if Meganium will know some fairy movers.

    p.s . I Was talking abiuto Explorers of Hell, not Skies, but I let it go because it was not my kind of game.

    Good choice ! Chikorita has a more expansive moveset in 1.3 and Fairy-Moves, including TM Compatibility with Dazzling Gleam (Bayleef and Meganium are even part-Fairy).

    Hell takes some elements from Alpha, but Alpha is far less extreme, I hope you'll like it !

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  9. 25 minutes ago, Lavon said:

    Can I ask a Question? Will Espurr be available as a starner/partner in the 1,3 update ? I Ask because there are other versions of pmd explorers of sky where there is this option . 

    Thank you and i Can' t wait to play the new versione, 

    I know you're quoting Skies and I'll answer no.
    To me, adding a species implies having its main abilities from maingames coded in. For example I have added Sylveon in the game, its only main ability is Cute Charm, as a result it makes sense for me to have it in. The same goes for Regidrago/Regieleki since Transistor and Dragon's Maw are Adaptability for a specific type.
    However Espurr and Meowstic have Infiltrator, as a result it makes no sense having them in, not to mention the fact adding a few entries from later games without adding the whole cast isn't a feature to me, nor anything I'd like to have in my game, since I want players to experience actual content and Quality of Life, not superficial features.
    What I will/may add from future gens is:
    - Rotom-Forms
    - Regidrago/Regieleki
    - Sylveon
    - Alolan-forms
    - Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash (no other Galarian forms since those are the only ones that make sense in Sky's map)
    - maybe Genesect

    But that's it.
    Very glad you're excited to play 1.3 ! I hope you'll like it !

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  10. 12 hours ago, AnAberrantSundew said:

    I've been going at 1.2 lately, and just want to say keep up the good work! 

    This definitely deserves more attention. 

    I'm really looking forward to playing 1.3 when it's out! 

    Thank you ! 1.3 is soon, I'm a bit busy with IRL but I'm close from releasing the hack, I've a few things to do and I'm done !


    8 hours ago, Chita4810 said:

    I just found this hack and im so psyched to give it a try, but I wanted to know if its possible to patch an older version? Like if I start a save in 1.12 now can I upgrade it to 1.13, or or would I have to restart? I do want to try alolan vulpix as a starter so im trying my best to just be patient and hope the release day is soon

    Hmmmm it's very complicated to answer, 1.3 saves have challenges, and it's impossible for me to add a challenge prompt if your save comes from 1.2

    1.3 should theoretically be released in 1-4 weeks depending on how IRL will impact my life, I think it's worth waiting if you absolutely want A-Vulpix.

  11. 7 hours ago, ABZB said:

    Wow, I basically disappeared for several months (got very into a series of Ribbon Master runs, and then Skyrim) - this is amazing, all the kudos!

    Oh wow it really means a lot to me knowing you've been around for a while in main series community 👀 (iirc you're the one guy behind the HGSS Scalemons patch right ?)

    Thanks a bunch, I'll continue to do my best working on this hack !

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  12. On 7/13/2021 at 1:50 AM, Atoku said:

    Hey, nice job on this room hack, creating a whole new experience and making every "not so great" aspect of the game gone and adding so much great stuff like the manual mode.  I.Q. gained from gummies faster, lots of improvements from abilities

    So just wanna write some suggestions for you, not sure how you can modify the game or if it's possible but well if it can give you more idea to improve it, why not.

    - Tactics meeting - Avoid the first hit : Due to the fact that pokemons are spawning very faster, sometimes you got situation that you loose more time to deal with pokemons when your team try to join you back and a pokemon come again to the room. I wonder if it's possible that "Avoid the first hit tactic" use the "let's go together tactic" and trying to avoid the first hit at the same time. Like they won't go after ennemies more than X tiles

    - Scouting : Why not if you decide to use "You go the other way tactic" make the map be revealed by all your teammate. Because you can actually do it by checking your position manually. Maybe it could be an IQ skill for all pokemons. But don't reveal items because actually that the job of X-Ray specs.

    - About helding items, could be an great idea if some items like the X-Ray/Google specs give his effect to the leader if it's hold by one member of your team 

    I don't have finished with the main story so I should come back for more. 



    Thank you for playing my take on EoS ! Adding features and "real new stuff" (not "under the carpet" existing stuff mind you) is really complicated and needs some skills only a few have in EoS community.
    As a result, changing the AI behavior of Tactics is beyond my skills (no one's been able to change it and the same goes for IQ). Changing items behavior is feasible, though I don't think I want X-Ray, Google Specs to have a group effect (because of how broken it is by essence)
    Don't hesitate to check with me here in case you wonder about the feasibility of this or that, I'll answer when I'm available for it !

  13. On 6/20/2021 at 2:52 PM, Dimedime said:


    Wow, thanks for the progress report.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Cool. Spawn rate's still low enough to recruit grind, and depending on how much initial enemy density increases, this might mean less enemies encountered, and therefore easier PP management.

    Well, Jirachi grinding (for money) just got another use. I must wonder what items you have to swap, considering a ton of items are really de-valued after you unlock Marine Resort:

      Reveal hidden contents
    • X-Ray Specs are re-obtainable in Sentry Duty
    • Some dungeons exclusive to this hack have monster houses full of Golden Apples and Wonder Gummies, you literally never run out of them
    • Training Grounds has farmable Joy Seeds and Wonder Gummies
    • Jirachi has tons of farmable items once you get a good team going to do its dungeon over and over again.

    I'll take any Drifblim buff. Seems to be a slight buff to player-controlled Pokemon only, as enemy IQ increases high enough that they get Exclusive Move User anyway


    Much appreciated. Just another addendum to this list:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Shiny Grovyle (with Unburden!!) and Pink Celebi can be found in Time-Leap Garden
    Some shiny Pokemon can be found in World's Edge (even or odd-numbered floors, depending on if the Pokemon is exclusively male or female, respectively)
    A lot of shiny Pokemon (+ legendaries) can be found in Destiny Tower. It's not ideal, because no IQ/Items + there are monster houses everywhere


    Spawning makes it so you have to play more team fights instead of multiple 1v1s
    Level curve and dungeon design work so late game dungeon are similar to SMD Treasures dungeon

    They're not "proper shinies", to me they're Partner Grovyle, Future Celebi and Antagonist Dusknoir.
    Shinies function as evolution lines, hence why I do not consider them as Shinies, + they have Exclusive-Items and are treated as special species.
    Destiny Tower Shinies are available and recruitable yes, Shiny Legendaries are only recruitable here by the way.

  14. 10 hours ago, sunvalkyrie said:

    Hello. I've been playing Explorers of Alpha for over 40 hours now and I am really grateful for all the hard work put into this amazing game. 

    I've been wondering for a while now, but are there specific pokemon that can be shiny, while others can't, or is it absolutely random?

    For me, I've found at least 30 shinies in one run in Surrounded Sea, and I found 7 shiny Milotics before being able to recruit one. And yet I've been looking for a favorite of mine which is Mawile, but I've had no luck. Its a question I been worrying over, and I'm grateful for any information.

    I've ran into a few softlocks regarding job bulletin and outlaw missions, both when looking for missions as well as completing them, but nothing that grave that would make me unable to play. I took the habit of saving often hehe.

    Also it would be really helpful if there was a IQ group table and which pokemon belongs to what group. Building a team for some missions or situations would be much more efficient with a simple table.

    I apologize if it sounds like I'm complaining. I'm loving the game thus far, and just to imagine that there will be more updates to it makes me even more excited. Thank you very much for the game, and I hope all the best for you and your team. Cheers.

    I've ran into a few softlocks regarding job bulletin and outlaw missions, both when looking for missions as well as completing them, but nothing that grave that would make me unable to play. I took the habit of saving often hehe.
    Could you give me some examples about this one? Wasn't it only with Job Bulletin?

    Also it would be really helpful if there was a IQ group table and which pokemon belongs to what group. Building a team for some missions or situations would be much more efficient with a simple table.
    I haven't changed IQ Groups, they are all vanilla aside of Purple Kecleon being S-Group, Shiny Celebi being I group, and all Shiny Legendaries being S-Group

    Shinys are as follows (+ locations!):


    Nidoran Male: Mt. Bristle 8F
    Nidoran Female: Mt. Bristle 9F
    Nidorino: Mystifying Forest 12F
    Nidorina: Mystifying Forest 13F
    Nidoking: Concealed Ruins 28F
    Nidoqueen: Concealed Ruins 29F
    Growlithe: Shimmer Hill 18F
    Arcanine: Inferno Cave 28F
    Magnemite: Chasm Cave 8F
    Magneton: Spacial Rift 8F
    Ponyta: Shimmer Hill 19F
    Rapidash: Giant Volcano 37F
    Voltorb: Amp Plains 10F
    Electrode: World Abyss B44F
    Chansey: The Nightmare 8F
    Kangaskhan: Mt. Travail 19F
    Jynx: Crevice Cave 10F
    Tauros: Marine Resort 23F
    Staryu: Brine Cave 8F
    Starmie: Sea Shrine 42F
    Magikarp: Miracle Sea 20F
    Gyarados: Bottomless Sea 59F
    Porygon: Chasm Cave 8F
    Porygon2: Spacial Rift 8F
    Smoochum: Blizzard Island 20F
    Miltank: Marine Resort 24F
    Blissey: The Nightmare 16F
    Gardevoir: Happy Outlook 19F
    Meditite: Lost Wilderness 16F
    Medicham: Mt. Travail 18F
    Volbeat: Steam Cave 8F
    Illumise: Steam Cave 7F
    Solrock: Starglow Cavern 65F
    Lunatone: Starglow Cavern 66F
    Baltoy: Northern Desert 14F
    Claydol: Shimmer Desert 58F
    Feebas: Surrounded Sea 23F
    Milotic: Lake Afar 23F
    Glalie: Treacherous Waters 18F
    Gorebyss: Bottomless Sea 45F
    Huntail: Bottomless Sea 46F
    Beldum: Crystal Cave 10F
    Metang: Sealed Ruin 8F
    Metagross: Sky Stairway 56F
    Mothim: Mt. Mistral 18F
    Vespiquen: Treeshroud Forest 19F
    Lopunny: Mystery Jungle 48F
    Bronzor: Crystal Cave 6F
    Bronzong: Temporal Tower 12F
    Happiny: The Nightmare 8F
    Magnezone: Southeastern Islands 24F
    Porygon-Z: Spacial Rift - Depths 12F
    Gallade: Spacial Rift 14F
    Froslass: Mt. Avalanche 39F
    Rotom: Midnight Forest 24F
    Rotom Forms: Worldcore 2/4/6/8F


    50 minutes ago, Bardish said:

    Hi there, hoping you are well!

    I downloaded the original rom, downloaded the patch, applied it with (I think) with an xdelta UI programme, it works fine when I run it on my PC's emulator, but I figured I'd also try to use it on the emulator on my phone. The rom worked prior, but when I use the patched version, it crashes the app on startup. Do you happen to know of any way around this or can this version not be played via a mobile (Android by the way)


    It was tested on Mobile and works, I really don't know what's the cause of this issue honestly...
    Alpha works on real hardware, Phone and PC emulators, all these were tested and work

  15. On 5/7/2021 at 5:35 AM, AtlasCrushed said:

    Loving the hack so far. Just a quick note, I think I may have found a bug involving moves like flamethrower and sludge bomb that fire in a line. Whenever my partner sees an enemy in front, he'll use it, even if I'm between him and the enemy so I get blasted. Just wondering if you know about it.

    This issue comes from Gap Prober, it's an issue I can't fix by myself for now unfortunately

    On 4/28/2021 at 12:09 AM, JasonTheHero said:

    This is my same complaint. I really want to play the game out, but I'm at waterfall cave and if I go the wrong way, I end up stuck in a mob of pokemon. Its not hard, its boring. It took me 10 minutes with the game on 1.5x just to get to level 5. I really think the spawnrate needs to be 75% or 50% of what it is now.


    Other than that, this looks and plays really well. I can't wait to see the end game

    It's gonna be 40%, I have found another way to deal with spawning

    On 5/12/2021 at 5:01 PM, Dimedime said:

    I've also had this happen to me on one occasion. The Celebi escort in the story gets Aura Sphere (line of sight move), and if I use manual team control to make them use it when I'm between an enemy, I'm the one who gets hit. The Gap Prober IQ skill (enabled by default for all Pokes at 0 IQ) is supposed to allow it to attack through teammates, but maybe it doesn't apply for escorts?

    Anyways, this hack is super fun. The development time really shows, looking forward to 1.3. I got a lot of shiny legendary recruit grinding to do in the meantime, along with waiting for Entei's challenge letter.

    I'm glad you like my take on EoS!
    Celebi has IQ Group I, which means I still have this issue with Course Checker being in this IQ Group. It'll be fixed in 1.3
    Speaking of 1.3, I'm slowly working on it. Being busy with real life and personal issues has delayed my project a lot, though I'm slowly but gently coming back into it with more new stuff

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  16. 7 hours ago, 20alever said:

    Hello! I have ran into an issue while playing through this hack. The hack is wonderful, and I really do enjoy playing through it. When I beat Dialga, I ran into an infinite loop with the cutscene after you beat him. There is no way for me to get around it. It really is a shame, as it took me so long to reach him. Has the issue already been fixed?

    Issue already fixed since 1.0.1. It's written in changelogs above. Friendly reminder for future posts:

    - updating your game will solve your issue 99% of the time since I fixed a ton of bugs between versions, and I'll fix a ton of bugs again if needed

    - look for bug fixes to see if your issue is referenced in

    - some bugs occur when you downgrade your game and port a save from current version to previous ones. Check if these bugs are present in the last version of the game before reporting it


    That being said, I'm happy to tell you you can beat Dialga once again in an updated version and resume your journey !

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  17. 6 hours ago, Wark said:

    Hi! :)

    If I can make a little criticism, i think that the increased spawnrate is a little bit frustrating, it dramatically slows down the gameplay and makes the experience less enjoyable.

    It is really a shame considering the amount of amazing stuff you added to the game! 

    Anyway, i also wanted to ask if there's actually the possibility to obtain a shiny starter and/or partner. Thx in advance!

    I've been told about spawnrate being frustrating in the second and third dungeon, at the start of the game, haven't heard anyone complaining about spawnrate being an issue afterwards (maybe in Mt. Horn it's an issue but I've heard no complain about Mt. Horn so...). That's one of the main goals of the hack and you have to get used to it. Other "hardmodes" still spawn a pokemon each 36 steps which makes the hack ridiculously easy.
    I wanted this hack to be a real hardmode and chose the difficulty over the potential "slow gameplay" you're mentioning.
    Gameplay isn't "slow" as you're stating here later in the game so I assume you've just started playing, but I admit it's slower and sometimes frustrating early in the game because of layouts being basic and restricted in their generation
    As I stated in the post, Shiny are only for Gender Exclusive pokemon like Gallade or Vespiquen and a few exceptions, and I don't think you will ever get a shiny of your starter in Explorers of Alpha...

    On 2/11/2021 at 1:54 PM, shrimpy said:

    is it possible to make pokemon evolve like in the regular games? always found it odd how a shinx can beat dialga or whatever.

    Sadly not yet, maybe one day we'll have a way to evolve pokemon during the scenario (after Luminous Spring revives for instance), but for now it's not possible

    On 2/2/2021 at 4:30 PM, Ryoung42 said:

    Hey I Can Help You With The Sprites And The Portraits Since Im A Spriter

    If you want to help, you should join SkyTemple Discord and submit the sprite you made under spritebot section here. That's the best way you could help me here

  18. I'll showcase here my first PMD Hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Alpha! This hack is named after the Alpha Pokemon Arceus, and you got it: the crux of this hack is the implementation of Arceus in the game as the final battle. Already present in the game, but unused and lacking both sprites and portraits, I first wanted to add Arceus to the game. But that's not the main goal of this hack.
    I've spent a lot of time in my childhood playing Explorers of Sky, grinding mons up to stats cap by hand, figuring out the game mechanics etc... But I felt like the game could be optimized and made harder, with more QoL features and Pokemon reworks like you could see in Drayano hacks.


    1.3 is going well, though I'm currently working on some features for Alpha and it takes a lot of time to pull all of this out. 

    What I'm trying to get working: Level-Scaling, an Egg-Move Tutor for Electivire and a casual mode for the game (that you can choose at the start, though I think it won't happen).
    But for now here's 1.3 Patch Notes update !


    - you can now choose the starter you want as a player (credits go to Irdkwia for this patch)
    - personality test is now skipped at the start
    - added Post-Game Chapter Screens + Special Mission / Special Recruits Backgrounds
    - updated Normal and Special Episodes icons
    - finishing TM compatibility
    - evolved starters have sleeping animations (requested in DMs)
    - you can freely swap between Alternate Form and Origin Form on Giratina. For that you need to Maximize Giratina's IQ and go in Luminous Spring
    - a new NPC in Spinda Café available after you unlock Marine Resort: Gliscor, trading S-Vitamins against money or other items
    - added a new place: Passage of Time, permiting a revisit of Special Episodes dungeons along with a new dungeon
    You can enter this place from Sharpedo Bluff exit after beating Darkrai
    - Sharpedo Bluff's base warp lets you go to Crossroads, Beach, or Wigglytuff's guild, but you can chose to go to Sharpedo bluff
    - Level-Experience boost now scales instead of being a constant between two level ranges. Level 1 has 0.1% recruit boost, Level 2 has 0.2% recruit boost, ..., and level 100 has 25.5% recruit boost. As a result, Kecleon is slightly easier to recruit !
    - Rock Horn has been replaced by Drake Horn
    - Golden Mask boosts recruitment rate up by 25%, Seven Treasures by 30%
    - Amber Tear has been replaced by the Holy Lyre, granting a 100% recruitment boost

    You can now experience challenges !
    Here are all the challenges you can do:
    - Glass Cannon: you deal tremendous damage but you are at 1 HP
    - Recruit 'em All: recruitment rate is boosted, you also are given the Holy Lyre, granting a 100% Recruit Boost when held
    - No Recruit: recruitment is disabled. You can turn this mode on/off
    - Pacifist Challenge: you can't attack or use orbs but are able to endure any normal hit. You are given a specific bag with items everytime you enter a dungeon to win this challenge
    - One-Item Challenge: you always have one-item bag.
    - Solorun: self-explainatory... except you chose at the start of each dungeon if the one alone is leader or partner.
    - Time Attack: you are poisoned when you enter a floor. As a result you have limited turns to finish a dungeon.
    - Speedrun: a mode optimized for Speedrun ! You can chose between Classic and God Mode.
    Classic will give you everything needed for you at the start.
    God Mode is basically a mode where you are always under Mobile Scarf and double speed effect. You also see enemies, traps and items without any sort of help.

    You can also select Game Options:
    - you can enable or disable recruitment (anytime, recruitment is still disabled in story dungeons)
    - you can enable Exp. Share or not (default amount is 50%)
    - you can disable Alpha's anti-cheat so it doesn't remove items from your bag if you cheated them

    Pokemon-related changes:
    - added a Darkrai rematch in Dark Crater, giving Primal Dialga's, Primal Palkia's and Antagonist Darkrai's exclusive items as a reward
    - added a reward for Special Episode 5 completion: Partner Grovyle's, Antagonist Dusknoir's and Shiny Celebi's exclusive items
    - implementation of Fairy-Type, Fairy Gummi and Fairy Type-Relationships (credits go to Irdkwia), Fairy-exclusive items
    - addition of Fairy-Exclusive items and typings updated. Ninetales, Meganium, Bellossom, Illumise, Swablu, Altaria, Absol, Mismagius, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Cresselia are now half Fairy-Type Pokemon
    - addition of Sylveon, being recruitable in Hidden Highland, Happy Outlook, and Starglow Cavern. Sylveon has an exclusive item being Sparkly Collar, which recovers HP when Sylveon is hit by Steel Type moves
    - Alolan-Vulpix and Alolan-Ninetales are playable, have an actual sprite (credits go to NeroIntruder for the sprite and Audino for the tool), exclusive items, and so on
    - Alolan-Vulpix is now an option as a starter
    - removing Defender and Aggressor from S IQ Group
    - adding Alpha IQ Group for Arceus
    - Nidoking-line, Dewgong-line, Blissey-line, Pelipper-line, Plusle, Minun, Roserade-line, Wailord-line, Lunatone no longer have this infinite PP recovery exclusive-item thingy (credits go to Nightingale for pointing this out)
    - Changed Ice Sash, now halving damage taken from Special Hits, and Steel Sash, now having a chance to reflect status moves back to the user

    Moves changes:
    - move fixes
    FIXES: Growth, Morning Sun, Moonlight, Synthesis, Tail Glow
    - following move fixes come new moves
    NEW MOVES: Sludge Wave, Quiver Dance, Psystrike, Coil, Low Sweep, Scald, Shell Smash, Volt Switch, Bulldoze, Work Up, Drill Run, Dual Chop, Snarl, Hurricane, Mystical Fire, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent, High Horsepower, Breaking Swipe, Flip Turn, Dual Wingbeat, Scorching Sands, Hex, Triple Axel, Electro Ball, Psychic Fangs, Liquidation, Body Press, Mind Crush (being Psychic special counterpart of Body Press), Power-Up Punch, Petal Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Electroweb
    - following Fairy-Type implementation come fairy moves. Move being Fairy-type since Gen VI are updated to be Fairy-Type:
    FAIRY MOVES: Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Play Rough, Sparkly Wind (Silver Wind but Fairy-type), Moon Slash (physical High crit rate Fairy-move)
    Note: Dazzling Gleam is a TM aswell
    - another new move has been implemented as a TM:
    Lucky Draw is an universal TM which is a random stat boosting move (boosting either Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage), and has 1% chance of boosting all stats by 1 stage, speed included on top of that
    - some usually useless moves were removed
    Kinesis, Sharpen, Spider Web, Barrage, Vacuum-Cut are no longer in the game
    - barring Lucky Draw, all these moves will be added to learnsets as either level-ups or egg moves
    - other moves have a special effect depending on the user:
    Crush Claw from Zangoose is guaranteed to lower the target's Defense
    Poison Tail from Seviper is guaranteed to badly poison the target
    Judgement has increased damages if the user has the Ability Multitype !
    Arceus has access to a new move being Trinity Star, you'll see its effect ingame
    - regular attack has now sure-hit accuracy. As a result Sure-Hit Attacker IQ Skill will be replaced
    - new items: S-Vitamins, maximizing a pokemon stat (HP-Drink and Ginseng S exist aswell)
    - Y-Ray Specs and Hunger Seeds are now banned from boss fights because of the unfair advantage they give to the player
    - changed Exclusive Items: Stern Sash, Afire Collar, Barrier Bow, Friend Torc, Fairy Bow
    - replaced some orbs effects

    Dungeon changes:
    - changed spawnrate from 5 to 12, increased initial enemy spawn in dungeon, allowed imperfect rooms to be generated in most dungeons
    - removed Side Path, Rock Path and Forest Path from the game
    - other new items include Heavenly Apple, replacing Mime Jr in Bazaar. This item is purely dungeon exclusive and will be removed after you leave a dungeon
    - replaced some orb effects
    - Zero Isle North proposes a new restriction: you're given a survival bag, and your goal is to finish the dungeon with it. At the end of the dungeon, you will keep the said bag.
    - an emergency bag is available in Hidden Land dungeons and Spacial Rift/Dark Crater if you are defeated
    - a new dungeon is available one time everytime you need to rescue yourself in Pelipper Island: Island of Salvation, where you can farm Exp, Reviver Seeds, etc (PS: maybe not in 1.3)

    You get an Aura Boost raising your stats the first time you get to the Hidden Land. This aura boost lasts after you beat Dialga.

    Bosses have more gimmicks ! You will see in 1.3 what that's all about ! But a small teaser: that's about new Field Effects and Aura Boost.

    I hope you are excited for 1.3 Update !


    It's been around 3 months I've been forced to take a pause of Alpha's development for several reasons, from lack of motivation to exhaustion about IRL problems, I had to take a pause.
    Now that I found a better pace in my life, I can slowly but gently get back into business with Alpha, and following that, here are the news!
    What's planned in 1.3 down below:


    Check new patch notes posted 8/15/2021 !

    Most of these features are finished, if you want to know what is still on the to do list to have an idea:


    Added a new place: Passage of Time, permiting a revisit of Special Episodes dungeons along with a new dungeon (fixing flags when not on special episode side)
    Removing Defender and Aggressor from S IQ Group
    Adding Alpha IQ Group for Arceus
    (both of these need me to dive in hex editing again, it'll be done late)
    Roost (heals 1/3 HP at the cost of losing Flying-Type designation instead of healing flat 40 HP + losing the designation)


    Before explaining the situation, huge shotouts to Irdkwia, End45 and techticks for their awesome work and for being that knowledgeable. Without them, the project I'm working on for 1.3 wouldn't have made this far!
    I'm currently working on adding new moves to the game. I also updated some moves to reflect main series changes, and plan on modifying the way some moves work (like Roost, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, etc...)

    Thus no 1.2.1 version will be released, instead there will be a 1.3 with bugfixes, new TMs compatibility, new Exclusive Items, a way to obtain Corrupted Shield, Corrupted Sword, and Harbinger's Robe, new items like HP Max or Atk Max, eventually even more TMs, new NPCs like a Gliscor selling drugs vitamins like HP Max or Atk Max against $99,999...
    I plan a lot for 1.3, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! Peace!

    1.2 Patch Notes:


    - Fixed IQ Group B not having Gap Prober for some reason
    - Fixed a crash during Regice, Regirock, Registeel and Regigigas boss fights, as well as fixed Regigigas Chamber scripts sometimes throwing once again Team Charm's script even before a rematch
    - Fixed legendary recruitment rate, especially for randomizer's sake
    - Fixed Shiny legendary recruitment rate so you have theoretically 1% chance to recruit a shiny legendary at level 100
    - Fixed Purple Kecleon recruitment rate
    - Fixed Lapras cutscene graphical bug during scenario
    - Fixed Destiny Tower unlock script
    - Fixed Worldcore fixed rooms
    - Fully fixed mission generation for World Abyss and Mt. Avalanche
    - Enhanced some bosses movesets
    - Enhanced some starter and niche pokemon movesets
    - Player is now forced to use main leader and partner during post-game scenario dungeons
    - Nerfed Agility, Tailwind, Rock Polish and Dragon Dance, now having way less PPs than before
    - Nerfed Legendaries, no longer being an easy pick for Level reset dungeons, especially Zero Isle South
    - Vanish Seed is now banned from Boss Fights, mainly because of being an unfair mechanic to use for boss fights
    - Added a permanent shop accessible from Porygon2 at Spacial Rift Entrance, Hidden Land Entrance, and Shaymin Village
    - Added new TMs, along with their compatibility
    - Added a shiny system for gender-exclusive pokemon
    - Growlithe and Magikarp evolution line, Glalie, Huntail are now male-only
    - Ponyta and Feebas evolution line, Gardevoir, Gorebyss are now female-only
    - Added Warp Seed to the list of farmable items in Beach Cave
    - Revamped the UI
    - Completely reworked Special Episodes 4 and 5, as well as some scenario cutscenes
    - Exp. Share from Gates of Infinity is now in the game (credits go to Irdkwia)
    - Complete Team Control patch is now in the game (credits go to Cipnit)
    - Spawn rate has been changed from 6 to 5
    - Text Speed is 4 times faster, in-dungeon camera transitions are now 3 times faster
    - Allies can now step and activate unrevealed traps
    - Fixed a couple of text strings
    - Burn damage now occur every 10 turns
    - All speed relative effects (both raises and drops) linger earlier
    - Hotfix: fixed Dusk Forest Porygon2 sometimes crashing the game in Special Episode 5
    - Hotflix: fixed Shaymin Village Porygon2 Shop

    1.1 Patch Notes:


    - Fixed post-Darkrai's script unlocking dungeons the wrong way
    - Fixed Training Grounds and Worldcore being closed because of the way this script is built
    - Edited Tower of Demise last floors (small fix, not a big issue)
    - Fixed Arceus quest not setting some dungeons as OPEN_AND_REQUEST: Arceus quest can now be fullfilled!
    - Gem Items are banned during story missions. If you try to bring them in dungeon anyway, they'll be removed from your inventory
    - Fixed Mission Ranking: every dungeon including new ones now have the correct mission ranking, mission reward, and all this stuff. Also includes mission unlock fixes. (huge thanks to Irdkwia)
    - You can no longer recruit Heatran and Phione before unlocking Marine Resort
    Because of this fix, here are the main fixes that come to play:
    - Mewtwo, Jirachi, and Suicune Challenge Letter behave the way I intended
    - Mission Board unlocks and Spinda Juice Bar should unlock dungeons when I want them to be unlocked

    1.0.1 and 1.0.2 Patch Notes:


    - Fixed the bag shrinking after scenario events. As a result, new rewards were added during these events (mostly money).
    - Fixed some dungeon issues: Dungeons supposed to be available later in the game are now prevented to be entered before it's intended. It's fixed in a way, but because of mission generation not being changed, a message mail will pop in case you're supposed to unlock the dungeon introducing about the issue
    - Prevented Spinda Juice Bar from unlocking some dungeons before it's intended by me. A mail will tell you when you were supposed to unlock a dungeon
    - Fixed Spinda Juice Bar softlocking the game in some circumstances
    - Added a daily limit for Mazes before you beat Dialga, a daily limit for Final Maze before you beat Darkrai
    - Fixed Ice/Ground Maze only having money on ground
    - Mazes offer more gummies as you go deep in it. As a result, Mazes are made way harder, but offer more exp too
    - Reworked Oran Forest (now named Nectar Forest): you can farm IQ in this dungeon daily, along with Dojo IQ farm
    - Added a check so you can't cheat in order to unlock Destiny Tower early
    - Fixed Spawn Rate being set to 3 instead of 6
    - Changed Beach Cave so you can farm useful stuff in it easier
    - Reworked Mt. Bristle layouts
    - Fixed Chatot text strings in Foggy Forest Base Camp telling you about Kangaskhan Rock instead of Porygon 2
    - Rebalanced Brine Cave Pit boss fight
    - Fixed a bug where you can recruit in Hidden Land dungeons before post-Dialga
    - Revamped Zapdos postgame fight
    - Reworked Crevice Cave Statue now having options it's intended to have
    - Nerfed Boss Recruits levels
    - Intimidator IQ Skill is now 24% proc instead of 32%
    - Fixed Future Sight and Doom Desire move descriptions being swapped, as well as Air Slash not being referenced as a Line of Sight move
    - Fixed post-Dialga cutscene looping indefinitely
    - Fixed starter movesets now being more diverse, and some starter bugs such as Shinx having Quick Attack twice
    - Fixed Zero Isle North still having Key Rooms for Silk
    - Nerfed Manaphy (now having Rain Dish instead of Swift Swim), and Support (no longer benefits from constant double speed Status)
    - Changed titlescreen music
    - Fixed Shadow Punch having incorrect Base Power and Thunder having a different reach than expected
    - Reworked a couple of moves so they work as intended
    - Reworked endgame dungeons
    - Added a countermeasure to infinite Dojo farming when you have a story mission going on
    - Fixed an issue where Aegis Cave loops indefinitely when the dungeon mode is not OPEN_AND_REQUEST

    Here are the features this game has so far

    Global dungeon related features:

    - you can now change leader after graduation in a large majority of dungeons
    - an increased spawn rate: in base games, an enemy spawns every 36 turns and a Kecleon spawns every 3 turns. Now an enemy spawns every 5 turns and a Kecleon spawns every turn.
    - as a result you will have to face more enemies and use more moves: moves PP and move Accuracy have been increased for a large majority of them, some other deserved nerfs like Imprison or Teleport being great all around moves.
    - along with Accuracy and PP fixes come what I'd call "AI Fixes" of Blizzard, Powder Snow and Ice Shard, not being handled correctly by the AI
    - moves are updated so they behave like in Rescue Team DX or Super Mystery Dungeon in terms of range (Light Screen benefits to the whole team, Air Slash is a line of sight move)
    - Gen 6+ Steel-Type
    - recruitment rate is higher in dungeons
    - post-credits Kecleon shops now feature all evolutionary items, including Sun Ribbon and Sun Stone
    - Shiny System: now some gender-exclusive pokemon have a shiny form, working in a similar way as Strong Foes in RTDX during early main dungeons. Way stronger than normal, they have a low spawn rate and a very low recruitment rate, which as a result gives you 1/4000 chance to recruit a shiny without any recruitment boost applied

    Pokemon related features:
    - Pokemon having an hidden ability already present in Gen 4 now have this ability in some way. This include Drought Ninetales for instance, but doesn't include Unburden Sceptile for Balancing reasons
    - gender dependant abilities
    - Pokemon having a mega now have their mega typing (Normal/Fighting Lopunny or Grass/Dragon Sceptile). Other pokemons deserving a better typing are changed aswell, following some of Drayano hacks changes (Electric/Dark Luxray for instance)
    - a large majority of Pokemons now have a moveset according to their Gen 8 movesets. It includes (but isn't limited to) Close Combat Lopunny, Brave Bird Ho-oh or Earth Power Venusaur. Other Pokemon having their types changed now learn stab moves more frequently (like Dragon Pulse Charizard as Level-up) or even learn new moves (like Bug Buzz Flygon)
    - new TMs: Icy Wind, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, AncientPower, Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Gunk Shot, Heat Wave, Iron Head (1.2.1), Outrage, Seed Bomb (1.2.1), Signal Beam (1.2.1), Superpower (1.2.1), Zen Headbutt (1.2.1), Super Fang, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Low Kick, Megahorn, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, and Power Whip. Note that only a few are available in 1.2.0, but all will be available in 1.2.1 with a new NPC
    - egg moves are now part of level up moves
    - pokemon have a better stats curve/better base stats, so they are easier to grind for endgame dungeons (still need to implement stats curve for a large majority of final evolutions tho). That means as the game goes, pokemon are better all-around.
    - experience buffs to some final evolved mons, to stick with the global level curve of the hack
    - legendary Pokemon now have a shiny form with other abilities and better stats

    QoL features:
    - you start the game with a 48-Sized bag and 1000 slots in Storage
    - your starting bag has a plethora of useful items
    - GtI experience share, giving Standby Pokemon 50% the exp gain you get in dungeon (credits go to Irdkwia)
    - Move Shortcuts, Disable Tips and Same Type Partner patches are included in this hack
    - Beach Cave now allows the player to farm useful supplies quickly and easily, in order to prepare yourself for Scenario dungeons
    - IQ gains are increased: Wonder Gummi gives +50 IQ, same type Gummies give +25, favored type Gummies give +16, neutral type Gummies give +9, unfavored type gummies give +4, Nectar gives +25
    - Dojo Dungeons have a high replay ability, permiting an easier gummi farm for Type-Exclusive Mazes, and an easier vitamins farm for Final Maze
    - though Mazes are restricted to one visit per day before you beat the game. The purpose of this change is mainly because of Gummies being present in here, virtually allowing a quick and infinite Stat boosts farm
    - Juice Bar animation has been cut
    - an Experience farming dungeon is unlocked after beating the full game (not Dialga mind you). You can grind your team here, as well as farming gummies and Reviver Seeds in the second floor
    - you have an higher chance to have a Big Win in Spinda Café
    - Sentry Duty rewards are more generous
    - Kangaskhan Rocks are replaced by Porygon2 in dungeons, having more options for the player
    - IQ Groups have been reworked: Lava Evader and Course Checker are replaced by Multitalent and Gap Prober for every IQ group. IQ Groups already having these skills now have other skills, PP Saver or Erratic Player for example
    - a new IQ Group: Group S. This group has an unique combination of IQ Skills and is exclusive to shiny legendaries and some other specific species
    - Mission ranking now follows the real difficulty of the game. Mission rewards are now more relevant for harder missions.
    - Kecleon Supply shop now offers better items at the end of the game
    - Surrounded Sea have 2 Blue Gummies in first visit (yes, it's a QoL feature lol)
    - you can now recruit Shiny Celebi and Purple Kecleon

    Gameplay related features:
    In order to offer a better experience to the player, this game proposes hard-but-fair challenges:
    - Complete Team Control Patch from Cipnit, you can now control the whole team, permiting new strategies and combinations. You can toggle on and off full team control by pressing Start at the beginning of a turn
    - allies can now trigger traps
    - dungeon have new gimmicks (weather oriented dungeons, debuffing enemies, PP consuming dungeons, etc...)
    - in these dungeons, some floors have Reviver Seeds guaranteed to spawn (Quicksand Pit B10F for instance)
    - dungeon partners are more reliable (Cresselia is no longer a burden lol)
    - some dungeons now have a completely revamped spawn table according to a specific "property" of the species in it (typing, IQ Group, abilities, starter exclusive dungeon, sudo exclusive dungeon, etc...)
    - dungeons now have increased IQ enemies (expect 330 IQ enemies after Chasm Cave)
    - Burn damage now occurs every 10 turns
    - Intimidator IQ Skill now activates 24% of the time instead of 32% of the time
    - you can no longer stall bosses: you have a low number of turns required to beat a boss (50 Turns for Spiritomb, 30 for Dialga)
    - bosses are made harder and also have new gimmicks
    - Aegis Cave puzzle has been removed
    - new quests and endgame challenges
    - speed related effects last earlier, it does include Slow Start
    - level curve adapted to the fact you gain more exp. Expect yourself to be level 100 by the end of the story!
    - an anti-cheat was added: you can no longer use Type-Exclusive gems in story dungeons. If you try to bring them to a dungeon, they'll be removed from your inventory before post-Dialga, and removed from your bag during story missions
    - along with that, you can no longer enter Wonder Mail S from the main menu. If you try to generate basic missions for first floors in order to have free Exploration Points, it'll not work anymore. You can't generate missions targeting the first floor of a dungeon too.
    - some dungeons have more floors, it includes Seven Treasures dungeons, Surrounded/Miracle Sea, and Spacial Rift Depths
    - Zero Isle has been made harder (North doesn't allow rescues and items when entering it, South scales up to level 45, Center expects you to beat it in one blow with IQ Skills disabled)
    - Destiny Tower is now SPMD one, allows recruiting and has unique species in it


    Title screens were changed so they use HGSS' Mystri Stage cutscene images



    UI has been revamped: it's now constant dark mode



    This hack features Item Icons like in SPMD (patch made by me)



    Here's a screen showing other QoL features



    More diverse recruitment tables, along with recruitment enabled in a large majority of dungeons, and even new species recruitable!



    New dungeons, and even more boss battles/gimmicks



    Speaking of bosses, here are screenshots of harder boss fights



    In order to make the game harder, some bosses were changed



    New events showcase, including new boss fights



    Bosses are now indefinitely repeatable, and now give better rewards



    New exclusive items for new Pokemon, along with Arceus exclusive items



    New TMs, with flavor text. Here are 4 examples



    Shiny System and more!



    As of 1.2.0, here are the main "issues" you can expect:
    - Arceus still has the dummy sprite
    - Rotom-Forms have Rotom sprite, though portraits, stats, movesets and typings are implemented
    - You can't enter Spacial Rift from Crossroads with more than 24 items
    - Some TMs may have incorrect compatibilities/some compatibilities missing, don't hesitate to DM me on Discord so I can correct these moveset errors on further releases
    - 1.0 and 1.1 Saves may have some pokemon reverted to Shiny in 1.2
    - I haven't uploaded any documentation yet

    Here's the to do list:
    - adding Arceus and Rotom forms sprites (since I'm not a spriter, it doesn't depend of me)
    - for 1.3: finish new TMs compatibility, add the reward intended for Special Episode 5 completion, improve the Dojo anti-abuse check, custom move effects, custom moves such as Shell Smash, and move fixes like Gen 5+ Tail Glow
    - documentation

    Special thanks:
    The most important part of this post for me! Because this project wouldn't have made this far without them!
    - Parakoopa: he's SkyTemple developer and always here to help when it's necessary for me. The community around SkyTemple is so kind and so cheerful that I couldn't thank him enough for that. Here's the link of SkyTemple Discord.
    - PsyCommando: one of the very first to research and investigate PMD Sky in this post. His tool gfxcrunch helped me with sprite editing in the early days.
    - UsernameFodder: the author of this Google Doc where you can find a useful list of IDs by index for quite everything, from Item IDs to Dungeon IDs. A great help when scripting!
    - Audino: he programmed SpriteBot featuring a more than never easy way to import sprites in a PMD Sky Rom
    - gromcrunch for Tilesets

    - Fable_Amare for Arceus portrait and Rotom Forms portrait. Make sure to check their work!
    - Lumi for Grovyle's asset

    Lasts but no least:
    - Cipnit/Jirt: The one who made this Complete Team Control Hack
    - techticks: worked on an ASM Editor which works similar to softs like algobox. It still lacks a lot of structures, but for now the UI itself is huge to build at least 80% of Gen V+ move effects along with eos-move-effects project examples
    - Irdkwia: he helped the community a real lot recently with his research. Fixed Room, Mission Ranking, Treasure Town Shops and a plethora of sprite assets are editable thanks to him. GtI experience system and future custom move effects ASM hack are by him.
    - End45: this man is cracked. Without him, half of this hack features wouldn't be possible. I'll list all the help he provided to me: IQ Gain table editing, Type Table editing, IQ Groups editing, Doom Desire move effect, exclusive items editing, control patches, and even more! Always knowledgeable, and always reseaching a ton of stuff, helping others to succeed in their own research, I think we can't thank him enough for all the stuff he's doing for the community

    The xdelta patch is found here (last update: 2/22/2021): PMD Explorers of Alpha 12.xdelta. You need to patch an US Explorers of Sky Rom in order to make it work.
    This hack is expected to be played on an emulator so I'm clueless about playing it on real hardware (it seems to work on real hardware from what I've heard).
    Don't hesitate to join SkyTemple Discord if you want to ask me for help or report any bug (Discord Tag: Solace?#7229 or Mond💫#3823), however even with my Discord tag, I highly recommand you to join SkyTemple Discord since I'm mostly active here

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