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  1. RELEASE Surprised I didn't upload the edits I did for Psyduck and Golduck Here's the compiled Bins for the Monster folder: MONSTER.rar Differences; The Pallete for Psyduck was given better contrast for his yellow. Golduck's red is stronger as well Psyducks anim entries extended by using Piplup as a base. Custom sprites were made as well: Video showing Dialga fight:
  2. Weirdly the offset was really off compared to Piplup. But after a lot of edits to the animation XML I'm almost done! Just need to check the quicksand, tumble, lookup, and breathing in anim Something weird I noticed when editing, the Y axis value is flipped. Negative makes the sprite go up, and vice versa Anyway, thanks for the help Reimu_needs_$$$
  3. Yeah the editor is a bit buggy. Just to edit the pallete it crashes, so I'm forced to use grfxcrunch for that. Doesn't save images if I try to import over the corrupted ones either : / As for copying over Piplup, I'll try that
  4. Well I'm not making an entirely new slot, just editing an existing one. If I extract with grfxcrunch and add images, repack, the new ones added are glitched as shown Even though it's supposed to be a 32 by 32 square like this
  5. Hello, I wanted to use the tools here to make Psyduck a starter in Sky, like he was in RT. Besides finding that he, Cubone, and Machop have a ton of leftovers from RT still in Explorers, I've hit a snag Unless I specifically simply edit a direct export, If I were to import a sprite, the pallete is messed up, like so It's weird since I specifically Index the image in Gimp using the pallete, 16 colors
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