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  1. That is actually a great idea. Of course, I would still prefer it if the new Pokémon's items received the same treatment as the others, but as a way to "fix" the issue for now I will sure look forward to SkyTemple's development. Croagunk's and chests do seem to be a big deal. Okay, I'll finish all the other stuff then. Thank you for the info, you're always helpful! As for that "other stuff"...
  2. Finally updated the Rowlet-line-in-EoS mod with Dartrix's sprites and portrait. Also added the line's personal items following End45's post regarding item effects. The issues of Croagunk's shop, the Treasure Chests not being able to give the Rowlet line items, and the Rowlet evos not getting their personal items in Zero Isle Center (like Rowlet does) still need to be addressed. Regardless, I am quite happy with Dartrix being finally properly added. This time I designed it to be more in line with the other starters' second stages: only the neutral portrait, and no story-specific animations like I did with Rowlet. I find it more natural to start a new game with the latter considering the series' tradition of first stage Pokémon being protagonists (save Pikachu I guess). Link to the mod and sprites in this previous post. EDIT: does someone know how to edit a Pokémon's footprint? This surely is a minor issue but it would be a nice detail to add.
  3. So I have been attempting to implement new personal items to the game's database, and thus far I had the following issues: These items, which replace unused, empty slots, do not have any effect. In the .xml corresponding to the items' data, I have managed only to introduce their sprite, descriptions, coin value and type. You cannot even mix them in Croagunk's Swap Shop, game does not recognize them (f. ex. Rowlet Wing and Rowlet Card are the 1 star rarity items, but you cannot get Rowlet Tag, the 2 star rarity one). I managed to get the items, however, by clearing Zero Isle Center. Pics ("Ala Rowlet" is "Rowlet Wing" in Spanish): Is there any research on this I might have overlooked? Yep, did that because it would be weird to have Shaymin at #492 and then jump straight to Rowlet's original #722. Don't think it is an important matter but it is very easy to modify in Rowlet's .xml file regardless.
  4. Yes it was unintentional, I already updated the download link with the fix. Kinda weird since I recall copypasting the data and forgetting to switch the gender (which already did before as another fix). I guess I hadn't decided on Rowlet's IQ Group back then. BTW I finished my Rowlet run and only found the following bug, which I figured out today how to solve: First picture happened if you chose Rowlet as your Pokémon, and had to do with this particular sprite's offset being wrongly introduced This fix is also included in the download link. As a bonus (don't want to brag about it, but...):
  5. Can't help you much with the sprites editor since it crashed all the time in my computer, so for my sprites I copied Piplup's as a base then modify the sprites, palette and size of some images. You can always try this with Psyduck: replace all the .xml files in m.ground save the Psyduck sprites and palette for one corresponding to a starter then add the amount of images needed for those files to work (for which I do advise to watch the animations with the editor so you know the ImageIndex for eah sprite). Sure it is not exactly the desired result since you lose Psyduck's normal animations, but you can make a copy of the original then compare both in order to restore them. Does the editor work well when you save edits? Despite its usefulness I read it was in a beta state.
  6. Yes. In the Pokémon data, each species has a certain number in SpriteIndex which corresponds to a sprites folder for dungeon (m.attack, m.monster) and outside (m.ground) animations. What is interesting is the possibility of adding new folders after 0598, which is my Rowlet's case (0599). Then assign that number in the SpriteIndex and if the frames were well done (indexed, the right size, etc) your creation will appear accordingly.
  7. Mokuroh Dungeon: add the Rowlet-line into Explorers of Sky Hi there, ProjectPokémon! This mod adds the Rowlet line into Explorers of Sky. It does not replace any existing mon, but some of the unused dummies in the files. I wanted to share the results with the forum. Version 2.01: DOWNLOAD Installation: It is recommended to follow the steps in the following spoiler: Whereas you can play the whole game perfectly with the two Pokémon added, the mod is still fairly incomplete. Like mentioned before, Decidueye is in the data, but its sprites are the same as Rowlet's (yeah, Dartrix devolves), and some little details (the footprint, or a method outside of Zero Island Center for obtaining the Rowlet line's personal items) need to be implemented. Despite this, I think I managed to both add my favourite Pokémon line and showcase how useful psy_commando's tools (and SkyEditor) can be. Credits to: psy_commando and evadinxon for their tools, which are the basis of this project. End45, for helping me out with the stats growths, strings issues and species items, and in general still being an huge contributor to the EoS modding scene. The user Nightmare from Pokémon Reloaded: el foro. My sprites are heavily based on his walking, attack and damaged animations. All those who gave (or give, if this post is well received) feedback to my posts. That is all. If by any chance you want all Rowlet's and Dartrix's graphics separately, it is here.
  8. It worked like a charm: The only points remaining are: finishing the attack and ground sprites (mostly the latter since the story requires plenty) and look for a way to implement Rowlet's footprint (for it to appear in the Explorer Badge in the Continue screen). Again, thank you for all the help. Wish I had more experience with modding as this is my first attempt at it.
  9. It doesn't appear anywhere. Chimeco's assembly, dungeons, the personality test, or the footprint gatekeepers at Wigglybuff's Guild. I replaced every ???? string (and Bulbasaur to Rowlet, to see if it worked) and yet, the results were the same as before editing game_string.txt. (Yes, I chose both starter and partner as Rowlet in order to test). Which steps did you follow for it to work? As I explained, I create a new project in SkyEditor in order to get the clean US rom archives (could also try with EUR's but doubt this will change), then extract the files with statsutil, modify them, import them back into the BaseRom and build the Solution in SkyEditor for the modded rom.
  10. Thank you for the help. Modifying the growths in Giratina-O's file (which was previous to the dummy corresponding Rowlet) fixed the stats issue. However, the name and category seem unchanged despite modifying the .txt in the game_strings folder (using also StatsUtil to extract). For example, here's the line of the test personality corresponding to getting Rowlet in my mod: As well as the "??????????" after Giratina-O's name and category. However, ingame... Furthermore, if I now extract the pokemon_data, the name and category put in Rowlet's file now are "Rowlet" and "Grass Quill" respectively, instead of "?????????" and "?????????". So the strings are there in the files. What could possibly be wrong?
  11. Alright, it's time to finally post in this thread after a long period of lurking anonymously. It'll be a long post. I am currently trying to add Rowlet into EoS. So far my sprites have worked out using gfxcrunch (after many attempts of adjusting them, that is), but I can't say the same for all the changes made in the pokemon_data folder. While StatsUtil does save almost all edits (typing, moves learnt per level, size, weight, base stats, etc), it is not the case for the species name, category, and most important of all, stat growths, a problem already reported by two other users: I will explain the followed steps in case there is some mistake: > Get the BaseRom folder creating a new Solution in SkyEditor with an EoS US ROM. > Drag BaseRom into the StatsUtil folder. > Extract pokemon_data using the specified commands in ppmd_statsutil.txt. > Using a .XML editor, replace a dummy's data (in this case, #537) with Rowlet's and save. > Import pokemon_data back into the game. > Drag BaseRom back into the SkyEditor project folder and build the solution (which includes other changes such as portraits or starters, but those are irrelevant in this problem). As proof that everything else is being added successfully, there are some screenshots: (I manually nicknamed "Rowlet" the dummy for the sake of presentation) As for the portraits and sprites, I will share only the former for now, as they are already complete: Regarding the sprites folder, there are some missing frames so expect it to be added into the post in some time. Interestingly, I am not replacing any existing folder for it, which means this could possibly be done for multiple Pokémon and/or forms. That is all for now, thank you for reading! EDIT: I finally finished all the graphics. Here are all the sprites and portraits! (I hope this link is respectful to the forum's rules).
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